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    Things to See and Do in Manang
    Sarbesh TimalsenaMar 25th 2024

    Manang is widely renowned as a specific village at an altitude of 3500 meters, but Manang is a district itself. It covers an area of 2,246 km2 (867 sq mi), which is mostly the alpine region. Manang is a delightful Himalayan region, which includes the trekking route of the world’s most popular trekking- Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Exploring through the dynamic villages of Manang, trekkers cross the Thorong La (5416 meters) along with the Tilicho Lake (4919 meters). 

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    The entire Manang region (as well as the villages) are picturesque as the settlements include highly spiritual people and they have Buddhist flags on their rooftops. There they are the least population in the villages, but the number of Round Annapurna trekkers keeps the villages bustling. 

    The landscape of Manang is semi-arid, which is close to the Tibetan highland. Very few places have oak and pine woods. But the Marshyangdi River continually flows with its magnificent outlook. 

    Overview of Manang

    Area: 2,246 km2 (867 sq mi),

    Altitude: 1700 meters-5416 meters (except the Himalayas)

    Renowned Villages: Tal, Chame, Timang, Bagarchhap, Pisang, Braka, Manang, Khangsar, Yak Kharka, Phedi

    District Center: Chame

    Famous Places to Visit in Manang

    Apple orchards of Danaque Bagarchhap and Bhratang

    Manang has a huge range of apple orchards. One farm is located at Danaque Bagarchhap and another is located at Bhratang. They have Fuji apples, golden apples, and other variations. Due to the altitude and freshness, apple products from Manang are widely popular. You can stay at the guest house there and taste wine, cider, juice, and apple products. 

    Milarepa Cave

    Milarepa Cave in Manang is located at an altitude of approximately 13,450 feet (4,100 m), just outside of Braka village-Manang. It is a spiritually blessed town, where a famous Tibetan Saint Milarepa meditated. This is a magnificent Buddhist pilgrimage destination. If you are going on a Manang Overland Jeep Tour, you can drive further near the monastery by jeep.  

    Braka Monastery and Village

    Braka village is an ancient village in a wonderful location, near Manang village. From one angle, it seems to be a ruined village, but actually, it preserves ancient traditions and cultural lifestyle. There are impressive monasteries and also some hotels/lodges. Braka village is also the gateway to Milarepa cave, if you go by hiking, or crossing a suspension bridge. 

    Manang village

    Manang is not only the name of the district, it has a town with this name. Manang village is extremely popular for its location. Trekkers take an acclimatization rest at this point, so people spend two nights at this place. Pretty much a crowded town, Manang has abundant attractions like a cultural museum, bakery, restaurants, and amazing hotels/guest houses.  

    Praken Monastery (100 Lama)

    If you hike to the Praken monastery, aka 100 Lama Cave Monastery, you will receive great blessings. The place where the cave is located is so impressive that you can explore the entire valley view, along with the majestic Himalayas. The blessing of the Lama is widely regarded to be a good-luck sign to travel in the high altitude terrain.

    Manang Culture Museum

    Manang Culture Museum allows you to explore and witness the culturally impressive stuff. They belong to the traditional culture and local people, whose culture is typical and follows Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

    Things to Do in Manang

    Hiking and Trekking

    Manang is just an ideal and incredible place for trekking activities. The world-famous Annapurna Circuit Trekking goes through the magical landscape of Manang. It has some popular trekking like Kajin Sara Lake Trek, Tilicho Lake Trek, and Thorong La Pass Trek. All the trekking in Manang is challenging and requires proper physical fitness, acclimatization, and packing proper stuff. 


    Explore Ice Lake

    Known locally as Kicho Lake, Ice Lake in Manang is an enticing Lake for trekkers and travelers located at an altitude of 4,600 meters (15,092 feet) above sea level. The trail to the Ice Lake is mixed of woods, barren land, and delightful landscape. It offers new scenery on the trip. 

    Hike to Tilicho Lake

    Tilicho Lake is one of the highest Lakes in the world, at an altitude of 4919 meters. Trekkers enjoy hiking to the Lake, which is a challenging adventure with a great reward at the end. The lake is located at the base of Tilicho Peak. After Tlicho, the trek connects Mustang via Mesokanto La or Thorong La Pass (5416 meters). 

    Explore Caves and Monasteries

    During the Manang Overland Jeep Tour or Annapurna Circuit Trekking, you will get opportunities to explore ancient caves and colorful monasteries. You can hike to the sacred site, where Saint Milarepa meditated. It is called Milarepa Cave Monastery. Similarly, there is a renowned monastery cave for travelers to get a blessing from Lama. It is called Praken Monastery (locally known as 100 Lama Monastery). During the hiking, you will get incredible Himalayan views along with the views of the Manang Valley. If you go through the cultural exploration, there are amazing monasteries at Manang and Braka, dating back centuries. 

    Taste traditional food

    Hotels and restaurants in Manang offer an abundant number of delicious meals for trekkers and travelers. They include traditional meals like Dal Bhat (rice, lentil, curry, pickle), noodles with ginger soup and spinach, Mo:Mo, Thukpa, and many more traditional foods along with Indian food and continental food items like Pizza, and many more items. 

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