Partner with Nepal Kameleon Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

With a young and energetic prowess, Nepal Kameleon Holidays has been renowned leading trekking, tours, and jungle safari organizer in Nepal. During the service frame, we have worked cooperatively with several tourism agencies around the world in different steps for mutual benefits.

Nepal Kameleon Holidays works with a strong dedication to the tourism business partnership and achieves prompt and everlasting results. We share our travel vision and increase the business by using technologies and visionary think tanks. Let's walk with hands in hands for our mutual corporate and individual benefits. These individuals and corporate operators are welcome on a mutually beneficial partnership, including trekking and climbing, jungle safari, family tours, research tours, wedding and honeymoon tours, family and luxury tours, and many more tourism-related organizations. Please, do not hesitate to write us about the mutual partnership model and the joint ventures.