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    The Milarepa Cave Monastery in Manang
    Sarbesh TimalsenaFeb 11th 2024

    The sacred Milarepa Cave and Monastery is located on the jaw-dropping cliff, located 5 km from the Braka village of Manang district, where the 11th century Tibetan Mahasiddha Guru Milarepa meditated. He is a Buddhist master, translator of Sanskrit texts, and the first founder of the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. 

    Who was Milarepa?

    11th-century Tibetan Mahasiddha, spent half of his life committing sins and destroying others' properties through the help of black magic. Then he realized that he was on the wrong path. He moved into the Dharmic (spiritual) path, went to his Guru, and got enlightened. He is a highly respected religious poet and a teacher.  Saint Milarepa's autobiography is the most read and loved text in Tibet. He composed "The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa", which is a religious pick that he is highly renowned for.

    Story Behind the Milarepa Cave-Nepal Manang

    Based on the mythical legend, Saint Milarepa came to the cave of Manang in the 11th century. He spent 6 years meditating in the cave and received enlightenment. He is a famous poet, singer, and composer as well.

    In the hinterland of Manang, there lived a famous hunter, named Kera Gompa Dorjee. He went hunting with his dog, which was so close and skilled in hunting. He started from Dhukurpokhari-Pisang- chasing a deer. The deer and the hunting dog went to the cave and didn't come back. Dorjee sees that the deer and dog sitting on the sides of Milarepa peacefully. When Dorjee tried to kill the deer, Milarepa requested to listen to his words and if not satisfied, he could kill the deer. 

    When Milarepa didn't allow the hunter to kill the deer, the hunter shot his arrows at Milarepa. The arrows could not harm the yogi, and instead of being angry with the hunter, he started teaching all three the way to attain salvation in the form of three songs: the song of the deer, the song of the dog, and the song of the hunter. After the poem (sung song), Dorje realizes that Milarepa is a big priest master. Then he throws his arrow at the cliff and gives up hunting. He became a follower of Milarepa.

    Location of the Milarepa Cave Manang

    The sacred cave of Milarepa in Manang is located 5 km away from the antique Braka village. The village itself is iconic and has centuries-old monasteries. A steep uphill climb takes you to the cave, in a  isolated and peaceful location. It is on the lap of Mount Annapurna III. It takes about 3 hours to reach and explore the cave.

    Best Time/Season for the Tour

    Spring and Autumn are the best seasons for the Milarepa Cave Tour. Although the tour has been named to explore the Milarepa Cave, you will be exploring the entire attractions in Manang, including the apple farms, 100 Lama Cave, the ancient town of Braka, and the tour of Manang village. 

    Spring season welcomes various species of flowers. The touring route and the landscape become so fascinating. The days are hot and cool nights. The Himalayan views are crystal clear in this season. 

    Autumn is a festival time in Nepal. The tour can be an amalgamation of the natural wonders and the cultural aura. The temperature in the high altitude terrain, clear sky, outstanding Himalayan views, and the entire scenario exhibit the worth of the Manang Overland Jeep Tour in Autumn. 



     Food and Accommodation in Manang

    Nice hotels with attached bathrooms are available in Manang. It has a bakery, restaurants, and other basic amenities. The hotels are nice and cozy. As it is a hub for Annapurna Circuit Trekking, the place often remains crowded, but the hospitality is great over there.

    You will get an abundant number of menu items. Foods belonging to Nepali, Indian, Chinese, and continental items are available in the restaurants in Manang.

    Milarepa Cave Manang Tour from Kathmandu and Pokhara

    It is a wonderful tour of the Milarepa Cave Manang from Kathmandu. Due to the road conditions, we use only a 4WD Land Cruiser Jeep, which is quite a comfortable and reliable means of transportation in the Himalayas. Based on your time and budget, the itinerary of the spiritual tour to Milarepa Cave can be customized, which can be used to explore the magical high-altitude terrains of Manang and apple farms. You can check out the Manang Jeep Tour from Kathmandu.

    Jeep, Driver, and Guide for the Tour

    As aforementioned, we provide Land Cruiser Jeep as far as possible from Kathmandu. It is so friendly vehicle for Off-Road driving. However, if you book our tour from Pokhara-Manang-Pokhara, we send you a 4WD Scorpio Jeep. They are also comfortable, however Land Cruiser Jeep will be our priority. 

    Our drivers have abundant Manang Overland Tour experience. So, you should not hesitate while booking. Once you book the trip, the remaining duty will be upon us about how to make your tour a remarkable trip of a lifetime. However, if any natural disturbances occur on the tour, they are not in our control. 

    The guide will be a licensed one. He will support you on the tour and assist you with hotel booking, and meals stop on the way, along with the briefing about the sceneries. However, regarding the Buddhist cultural sites, the explanation can be slightly different between the guide and the Lama as they might have their own local explanations. 


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    Sarbesh TimalsenaFeb 11th 2024

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