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    Vajrayogini Temple Sankhu
    Sandhya TimalsenaFeb 16th 2024

    Exploring the antique town of Sankhu and the significant Buddhist pilgrimage destination- Vajrayogini temple offer new insights to the devotees of visiting the Shaktipith. 

    Bajrayogini Temple is also known as Bodhisattva's temple, which is a sacred pilgrimage destination, especially for those who follow Tantric Buddhism. There is a myth that says the Vajrayogini temple was built by King Prakash Malla in 1655. The Tantric deity Vajrayogini is one of the most powerful goddesses that people will get strength. The site is combined with Ugra Tara.

    The Temple and its premises

    There are three major sites in the Vajrayogini temple premises if you see them in detail. The three-storied temple is the main temple, where the statue of the deity Vajrayogini is featured. Her face has been projected as red and her statue has been ornamented. Meanwhile, there is another temple, which includes the Swayambhunath Stupa. Taking pictures is strictly prohibited inside the temple.

    The temple on the right has Swayambhunath Stupa locked inside the temple. This is the only Stupa in Nepal, which is inside any temple. 


    Taps on the premises of the Vajrayogini Temple-Sankhu

    Vajrayogini Temple Mythology

    The mythology behind the occurrence of the Temple goes back centuries. The entire earth was fully covered in the snow. At that time, the temple was in the form of a forked piece of stone spouted fire. There came the volcanic goddess and she ordered to build the temple. Then the priest who served there was supposed to get the enlightenment granted by the deity Vajrayogini.

    Besides the major statues and temples, the structures in the surroundings are more ancient than the temple, believed to date back to the 4th century. There are taps and small statues in the surroundings of the temples. Also, the caves in the surroundings are known as Milarepa caves, where Maha Siddha Guru meditated. Saint Milarepa meditated in various places in Nepal. Please read: Milarepa Cave Monastery in Manang

    The cave behind the Vajrayogini Temple-Shankharapur

    Vajrayogini Day Tour from Kathmandu

    It's just a 20 km drive away from Kathmandu. The tour begins at 9 am from Kathmandu. it takes about an hour to reach the Vajrayogini Temple, Sankhu. First, drive straight to the temple, which is significant to both Hindu and Buddhist devotees. 

    After paying homage at the Vajrayogini temple, drive a bit downhill, where you will see the Milarepa Meditation Village. From the gate, enter inside to visit the Mahasiddha Guru Milarepa's Meditation cave. It's a wonderful experience to explore such amazing and peace-giving destinations. 

    Image of Sleeping Visnu surrounded by the serpents. 


    The entrance gate to Sankhu village and Vajrayogini Temple. 

    Side Attractions on the Vajrayogini Temple Tour

    There is a famous Milarepa Cave, just about 200 meters below the Vajrayogini Temple. Please go to the gate of Milarepa Meditation Village and you can go there. It's an amazing location where Siddha Guru Milarepa meditated in the cave. 

    The Milarepa Meditation Cave-Sankhu Sankharapur

    The antique town of Sankhu, which is primarily dominated by the Newari people is itself another attraction on the tour. However, the town was badly damaged by the 2015 earthquake. 

    The Shali Nadi and Shree Swosthani Temple of Sankhu is one of the most renowned Hindu pilgrimage destinations in Nepal. Especially, in the month of February (during the month of Shree Swosthani Brata), thousands of devotees visit this site every day. 

    Transportation for the Tour

    Private Car, Jeep, Hiace, and Sutlej buses are there for your service based on the group size. All vehicles are of tourist standard, with full air-conditioning. 

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    Sandhya TimalsenaFeb 16th 2024

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