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    Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave Buddhist Guru Rinpoche Tour
    Sagun ThapaFeb 11th 2024

    Pharping Day Hike and Buddhist Tour is an exclusive trip, which is a combination of a remarkable day tour and a short hike. The tour is very special as it takes you to two major caves, where Guru Rinpoche was enlightened- the Asura Cave and the Yanglesho Cave. This is a pure pilgrimage trip if you follow Vajrayana Buddhism you can visit the Padmasambhava caves. 

    The way to the Asura Cave, fully decorated by the Buddhist Prayer Flags

    The Asura Cave (Guru Rinpoche's Enlightenment)

    This location is still unknown to many people, but for those who have faith in Vajrayana Buddhism and follow Guru Rinpoche's Tantric Buddhism, they are the most profound sites of all. Among these two caves- the Asura Cave and the Yanglesho Cave, Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated in the first cave during winter and meditated in the Yanglesho Cave during summer. You can rename them as Guru Rinpoche's Winter Cave and Summer Cave. 

    The Asura Cave (the Upper Cave of Padmasambhava) is located on the hillside, where you need to walk through the steps that are quite steep. The spiritual ambiance is directly connected with the spectacular view of the entire Pharping village. In his deep penance, Guru Rinpoche meditated on Vajrakilaya, who is a deity to remove all the obstacles in the journey of enlightenment. As Guru Rinpoche gained the siddhi of Mahamudra in those caves, they are unavoidable places for the Buddhist devotees.           


    Asura Cave, where Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) was enlightened. 


    Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava's) hand-scripted rock at Asura Cave-Pharping

    The Yanglesho Cave (Guru Rinpoche's Re-Enlightenment)

    The Yanglesho cave is located below the point of the Asura Cave, close to the Kyapjé Chatral Rinpoché’s monastery. It can be also seen from the Highway as there is another renowned Hindu Pilgrimage Site- known as Shes Narayan Temple. Guru Rinpoche began his practice of deep meditation emphasizing the deity Yangdak Heruka. Guru Rinpoche and Shakyadevi (daughter of the King of Nepal) both attained the third vidyadhara level, ‘vidyadhara of the great seal, or mahamudra’ in the Yanglesho Cave. With the Tantras, they removed the drought of three years and brought back life. 


    Yanglesho Cave, where Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) was re-enlightened. 

    The Statue of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)

    Even if you just pass through the Highway to Pharping, you will see a huge image. Often people are amazed by the image of 36 meters-tall (118 feet) Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava). The sculpture was constructed in 2012 AD. As the site is easily accessible from Kathmandu (only half an hour's drive), it is a popular site for Buddhist devotees as well as those who love to visit Buddhist sites. The statue is located at the Dollu village of Pharping and entices a huge number of people every year.  

    Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Statue (36 meters tall, 118 ft.) at Pharping Dollu Village

    Day Hike above the Asura and Yanglesho Cave

    A beautiful day hike can be done on the hillside territory of the Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave. Although the way to the Asura cave is already a beautiful hike, it can be extended to the Old Dakshinkali temple and if you have more time, the hike to Bhundol Park is the best. Similarly, the trip can be done with one overnight stay at Pharping. It'll be just an exceptional memory of the tour, hiking, and exploration of the spiritual sites of Pharping.

    Hiking and Exploration Tour Above the Asura Cave 


    Faqs about Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave Tour

    How Far Are Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave Located?

    Pharping Asura Cave is about a 20 km drive southwest of Thamel (Nepal Kameleon Holidays' Office). The road is great to go there with a smooth ride (however, sometimes it can be slightly bumpy if they are constructing it).

    What is the best time?

    There is no time specification to visit the Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave of Pharping. January-February,-March-April-May-June-July-August-September- October-November-December are the months you can visit there. However, July-August remains rainy, so better to take an umbrella and a raincoat while traveling.

    Are there any restaurants to eat?

    A lot of restaurants are there at Pharping, close to the Asura Cave. Also, an abundant number of tea shops can be found there.

    Are there any hotels for the overnight stay?

    There are hotels and resorts of various categories. There are simple lodges, hotels, and luxurious resorts. Just on your budget, you can stay overnights there.

    What is the transportation for Pharping Asura Cave?

    Private cars, jeeps, Hiace, and buses are the reliable means of transportation to go there. Please make sure that they are of tourist standard and air conditioning works.

    Besides that, there is also public transportation to go to the Pharping Asura and Yanglesho Cave. For your kind information, they take a long time and most of the time, they remain overcrowded.

    Other Recommended Places for Vajrayana Guru Rinpoche Tour

    Maratika cave (Halesi Mahadev)

    Yarinak Cave is located in the Timal village of the Kavre district. 

    Tiloppa Cave and Naropa Cave on the premises of the Pashupatinath Temple

    Sanku vajrayogini Temple

    Bidjeswori Vajrayogini Temple

    Patan Vajrayogini Temple

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    Sagun ThapaFeb 11th 2024

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