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    Vajrayana Buddhist Tour in Nepal
    Sagun ThapaJan 8th 2024

    For Dzogchen meditation practitioners, following the path of Guru Rinpoche-Padmasambhava, the Vajrayana Buddhist Tour in Nepal is a true blessing. The itinerary of this tour has been managed based on the experience and the requirements of the previous travelers. It takes you to your dream destinations like Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev), Vajrayogini temples, Asura Cave, Yanglesho Cave, and Yarinak Cave.

    Major Attractions of the Tour

    Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev)

    The Maratika Cave is a globally renowned Vajrayana Buddhist pilgrimage destination as well as a Hindu pilgrimage destination. In the cave of Maratika, Guru Rinpoche- Padmasambhava attained Vidhyadhara of immortal life and was granted the blessings by Buddha Amitayus. This is such a cave where Guru Rinpoche along with Mandarava. It is located about 215 km east of Kathmandu. 

    The upper cave of the Maratika is regarded as the heads of Padmasambhava and Mandarava. It is believed that they bless the pilgrimage seekers from the top.

    For gates in the cave:

    • The first gate, located at the center of the cave, cleanses the birth karma
    • The second gate, located at the back of the cave cleanses the act between birth and death.
    • The third gate cleanses the act of womb birth
    • The fourth gate, beyond the cave, cleanses the karma of birth and death, it is the stage of liberation of the worldly cycle of birth-death karma.

    Maratika Cave, Halesi Mahadev


    Guru Rinpoche-Padmasambhava took the form of Dükyi Shechen 'Phurba of Approach' in the cave of the surroundings of Slate Mountain forest. He meditated to Vajrakilaya in the Vajra mudra, gained power, and changed into flames that destroyed the dark Yaksha lords.  

    The Yarinak cave is located in the Temal village, which is about 3 hour's drive (80 km) towards the South-East of the Kathmandu valley. The cave is located on a rocky cliff face. Guru Rinpoche took the form of a great Demon Slayer, who removed the obstacles on the way to attain enlightenment. It was the time that this sacred land was ruled by Tirthikas, the lord of enemies.

    While visiting the rocky cliffs, you will see various attractions like the Tiger’s Head, Drum, Phurba or Kila-dagger, Sogshing, and Gargyen. The entire surroundings offer great spiritual vibes. On the way to Yarinak, you can take a side trip to the Namobuddha Monastery. Further to the Yarinak, there is a widely renowned

    Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave Pharping

    The Padmasambhava Cave-Asura Cave in Pharping


    The Asura Cave, Pharping


    Yanglesho Cave, Pharping


    Tilopa and Naropa Cave- Pashupati

    They are located at the bank of the Holy Bagmati River. Buddhist pilgrimage seekers mind it great to pay homage to these sacred sites.

    Tilopa Cave


    Naropa Cave

    Sankhu-Guheshwari-Patan Vajrayogini Temple

    Sankhu Vajrayogini Temple is located at a distance of 18km from Kathmandu. It dates back to the Lichhavi Dynasty of the 9th Century settlement as Sankhu itself is an antique and unique settlement. The medieval time was extremely flourishing in terms of cultural prosperity.  The Vajrayogini Temple is famous as a Tantrik temple and is related to Tantrik Buddhism. The temple is significant for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees, especially the four-armed Vajrayogini Ugra-Tara.

    The Guheshwari Temple is one of the revered temples in Nepal, dedicated to Guheshwari or Aadi Shakti. It's a significant temple for the Tantrik worshippers. The Hindu devotees take it as a self-immolation of Sati, turned into Aadishakti, the goddess of cosmic energy. For Vajrayana Buddhists, the Guheshwari temple is sacred to Vajrayogini in the form of Vajrabarahi. 

    The E-Vihara of Patan is another significant place, which is Mahaguru Rinpoche's primary seat. Kunla Kunsashi, the daughter of Newari King, Shilamanju was kidnapped and kept secretly. Guru Padmasambhava came and fearlessly rescued her. Then he offered a profound teaching to the Newars. 


    Namobuddha Monastery

    Namobuddha Monastery (the Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery) is located 35km drive away from Kathmandu at the top of the hill. The story there connects to the re-birth of Lord Buddha, who sacrificed His body to a hungry mother lion. Visiting the monastery is a true blessing and the entire region gives a vibe of spirituality as the air makes the prayer flags flutter. 

    Chandragiri Hills Cable Car 

    Located at 2500 meters, Chandragiri Hill is a popular tourist destination for a day out. It takes about 40 40-minute drive from Nepal Kameleon Holidays-Thamel to reach the base of the Cable car station. It's about a 10-12-minute cable car ride to the hill station and a 10-minute hike will take you to the stunning viewpoint of the Himalayas, hills, green woods, and the entire Kathmandu valley. The Everest range, Gaurishanker range, Langtang Himalayas, Ganesh Himal, and Manaslu range can be explored from the top. 

    Best Time for the Tour 

    The Vajrayana Buddhist Tour in Nepal can be done throughout the year. However, it will be a good idea if you try to avoid mid-monsoon as landslides could block the highway. 

    January-February-March will be a little bit cold, but the days are great with overland transportation. 

    April-May-June: Wonderful travel months and one of the best seasons for Nepal tours and trekking. 

    September-October-November-December: Another fantastic time for the tour activities with sunny days. 

    Transportation for the Tour

    The tour also includes a long drive to the Halesi Maratika Cave. So, we use only luxurious vehicles. 

    1-6 Pax: Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep or similar

    7-12 Pax: Toyota Hiace or Similar

    13-20 Pax: Tourist Bus Sutlej

    Hotel Accommodation for the Tour

    Accommodations are mainly in the core cities. So, luxurious hotel accommodations are available from 3 star-4 star-5 star hotel. 1-2 overnight stay points will be at the Maratika cave area. So, mainly Zambala Resort and Holesung Resorts mark the best available accommodation there. 

    Best Suitable Itinerary

    Day 01: Arrival and transfer to the hotel. 

    Day 02: Drive to Maratika Cave, Halesi Mahadev via Namobuddha Monastery. 

    Day 03: Explore the cave and the surroundings. 

    Day 04: Drive back to Kathmandu. 

    Day 05: Drive to Sankhu Vajrayogini Temple. Then drive to Asura Cave and Yanglesho Cave, Pharping. 

    Day 06: Drive to Pashupati Guiyeshori Vajrayogini, Tilopa, and Naropa Cave. Then drive to Patan Vajrayogini Temple. 

    Day 07: Enjoy 1 hour Mountain Flight by plane, drive to Chandragiri and back. 

    Day 08: Departure. 

    How to book the Tour?

    WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

    Email: [email protected] 


    Sagun ThapaJan 8th 2024

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