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    The Yarinak Cave Temal for Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
    Sagun ThapaFeb 3rd 2024

    The Yarinag-Yarinak Cave is one of the prime attractions on the Buddhist Tour in Nepal. It is a sacred Buddhist Vajrayana Pilgrimage destination, located on a jaw-dropping slate rock in Temal Rural Municipality, Kavre District.

    At the isolated part, surrounded by the woods, Guru Rinpoche retreated to practice Vajrakilaya, the yidam of enlightened activity. In the middle of the slate mountain, the Mahaguru turned out to be a Demon Slayer, with the name of Dükyi Shechen.

    Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) is worshipped for the heroic deeds that He removed the enemies of Dharma and protected the land. He meditated in the Vajra Mudra, and burnt down the forest with the Kila-dagger's impact, turned the demons into dust, and created a pond. After the demons were destroyed, the whole forest became green again and there was happiness again among the living beings.

    Where is Yarinak Cave? How Far is it from Kathmandu?

    The Yarinak Cave is located about 80 km away from Kathmandu, towards the North-East. First, you drive from Kathmandu to Bhakundebesi and take a left turn from the main junction, you will see Temal Road. It will be a 3-hour drive one way to the Yarinak Cave from Kathmandu. 


    Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Statue at the Yarinak Cave.


    Lady with the Lamps: A lady who takes care of the Cave premises and offers lamps to the pilgrim seekers at the cave

    Walking through the stairs, it's a unique and different vibes that come with the cool breeze. As the cave is situated on a slate cave, the landscape is very steep and downhill. However, the proper fencing and support given to the stairs make the trip safe. It is a story about the stairs, which are at the closest point of the Yarinak Cave. If you have any senior citizens in your group, you need to be more careful while going downhill. Walking uphill sounds better than going down. 

    The heavenly steps at the premises of the cave. 


    Script on the wall

    Places to Visit/See Near the Yarinak Cave-Temal

    There's a famous Hindu temple, called Narayansthan, where people pay homage at the Satyanarayan Temple. A big fair is held every year and it looks so elegant. On the other hand, there are statues of King Hrinjen Dorje and Queen Pasang of Temal, who were deceived and murdered in history. Temal itself is widely renowned for the ethnic Tamang inhabitants and Buddha Chitta Mala. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche gave the seed and told them that they would earn lots of money from that. Nowadays, people from Temal sell Mala for millions of rupees. 

    Naranthan Village, just at the Temple premises of Satyanarayan Temple. 


    Satyanarayan Temple, Temal, Kavre


    Fluttering prayer flags at the premises of the Yarinak Cave


    Sneak into the Cave? Here you go. 


    Scene inside the Cave. This is the point where Guru Rinpoche meditated. 

    Food Option on Yarinak Cave Tour

    There's not such a nice restaurant to sit and eat near the Yarinak Cave in Temal. So, we recommend you have your meal on the way, till Bhakundebesi or better near the Dhulikhel area. If you are going to visit the Yarinag cave after breakfast, we suggest you bring a packed lunch with you. 

    However, there are some small tea shops, where you can get tea, bread, and some snacks like noodles. But at the same time, there's no guarantee of hygiene. 

    Accommodation Near Yarinak Cave

    By now, there's not a nice hotel/lodge near the Yarinak Cave, Temal. So, it's better to do a day trip there and back to your hotel in Kathmandu or Dhulikhel. If you are doing a round-trip Buddhist tour, it's great to visit the Yarinak cave drive back to Namobuddha, and stay at the monastic guest house. 

    How is the Road Condition to Yarinak Cave Temal?

    It's mixed. Kathmandu to Bhakundebesi is through the excellent blacktop road. Then it goes through the off-road. However, they are doing construction work in many places, so, let's hope the road will get better. It's recommended a jeep with 4WD as the ascending and descending towards the cave is too steep.

    A Day Tour Plan to Yarinak Cave from Kathmandu

    A day tour plan to the Yarinak cave as a part of the Buddhist pilgrimage tour is a perfect plan from Kathmandu. 

    Starting time: 8 am

    Reaching time: 11 am

    Exploration time: 2 hours

    Drive back: 3 Hours (+1.5 hour break on the way)

    Transportation for Yarinak Cave Tour

    During our tour of the Yarinak cave, we found the poor condition of the road. Thus, for the safety of our guests, we only use Land Cruiser Jeeps even for a solo traveler. We don't want to compromise on it. 

    Looking forward to enjoying this outstanding Buddhist tour from Kathmandu? It's easy to catch us for the tour arrangement via

    WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

    Email: [email protected] 

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    Sagun ThapaFeb 3rd 2024

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