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    Milarepa Cave Sankhu near Kathmandu
    Sagun ThapaFeb 17th 2024

    Milarepa Cave above Sankhu Sankharapur is a spiritual destination for Buddhist devotees, where Maha Guru Milarepa meditated and spent his time for spiritual awakening.

    If you would like to spend a day exploring the spiritual site of Saint Milarepa and his meditating places, Milarepa Cave Sankhu Shankharapur is just a wonderful day trip. It gives you a peaceful experience meditating in the caves, and exploring the woods. The tour will be adjoined with the exploration of the significant temple- Vajrayogini Temple.

    Milarepa Cave Day Tour

    The Milarepa Cave Day Tour is an outstanding plan for a spiritual tour, combined with the Vajrayogini Temple Tour. It is about 22 km away from Kathmandu, at the hilltop above the historical town of Sankhu. It takes about an hour to drive there. The tour begins at 9 am in a private vehicle. You reach the Milarepa Meditation Village and the gate opens for you. The steps will lead you to the cave where Saint Milarepa meditated. Meditation, exploration, and tour around the cave are further attractions in the tour. 

    Image of Siddha Guru Nagarjuna near the Milarepa Cave

    The Milarepa Cave-Shankharapur Sankhu 

    Transportation for Milarepa Cave Day Tour

    Based on your group size, the transportation will be managed.

    Upto 2 Pax- Private car

    Upto 5 Pax: Scorpio/Land Cruiser Jeep

    Upto 12 Pax: Hiace

    12+Pax: Sutlej Bus

    Sankhu town, the entrance towards the Cave (2 km) and Vajrayogini Temple

    Milarepa Meditation Village Resort below the cave

    Side Attractions

    The Vajrayogini Temple is located just 200 meters above the Milarepa Cave, Sankhu Shankharapur. The temple is significant for both Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It was built in the 16th Century. 

    The ancient town of Sankhu is another attraction. This antique town was once a major town for the traders to Tibet. King Sankhadev ruled here. 

    The Shree Swosthani Temple and Shaali Nadi are other amazing attractions. Every year, in February month, thousands of people pay homage to this temple every day. It is related to Mahadev's story in Hindu mythology. 


    Vajrayogini Temple, just 200 meters away from the Milarepa Cave

    Best Time to Visit

    Except for the rainy season- July/August, you can enjoy the Milarepa cave day tour. However, you can also stay overnight nearby as there are hotels and resorts. 

    Spring is great to visit the Milarepa meditation cave. Autumn is another favorable time to visit this place. It is also great to visit there in winter. 

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    Sagun ThapaFeb 17th 2024

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