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    Most popular villages of Upper Mustang
    Bhanu Khatiwada
    Bhanu KhatiwadaMar 20th 2024

    Upper Mustang Lomanthang is a pocket zone of hidden cultural treasures and antique offerings. There are an abundant number of caves, colorful monasteries, chhortens, mani walls, and beautiful villages that are isolated from the general eye-sights of travelers. Thus, we have aimed to let you go through the overview of these villages that may entice you. At least, you will get general info about the community and know its cultural prosperity. 

    Lo Manthang-the Capital Town of Upper Mustang

    Lo Manthang (3840 meters) was the former capital of a separate Kingdom of Upper Mustang. It is a stone-walled town and is now a center for the local administration of Lo Manthang Rural Municipality. There are some monasteries inside the wall- Jampa Monastery (Jampa Lhakhang), Chode Monastery (where the globally renowned Tiji Festival Mask Dance is performed). The Palace of the former Mustang’s King is also another attraction. Lomanthang has changed significantly in terms of providing better accommodation and hospitality. Travelers can enjoy their stay in Lomanthang in their preferred accommodation and luxury.

    Charang/Tsarang Village

    Tsarang is a beautiful alpine settlement, located at an altitude of 3575 meters in Upper Mustang. It is on the way to Lomanthang, which is a unique town that travelers can hardly believe in. Tsarang village is the second biggest village of Upper Mustang. A couple of impressive highlight of this village includes the Old Palace and Tsarang Monastery, which is the 14th Century built monument. Tsarang is also the gateway to Yara Ghara Luri Gompa and Damodar Kunda.

    Ghami/ Ghemi Village

    Ghami (3520 meters) is a wonderful settlement after passing through the Nyi La (4010 meters) and Ghami La Pass (3765 meters). Ghami village is one of the warmest villages of Upper Mustang, which has a wide range of cultivated land where you will see barley and buckwheat crops.  Ghami has a centuries-old Monastery, colorful chhorten, and a prayer wall, which is regarded to be the longest Mani wall in Nepal.  

    Choser Village Valley

    Choser is a valley, located about 21 km east of Lomanthang. This beautiful valley is home to several mysterious caves and some colorful monasteries. Choser has tiny villages like Garphu, Shija, and Arka. The most popular cave of Upper Mustang- Shija Jhong Cave is located at this place. Similarly, Niphu Monastery is another beautiful attraction in this village. The collection of old paintings of the Mandala of Rinchenling and Kunchokling are further delightful attractions in this valley.

    Thinggar/ Thingkar village- 4030 meters

    • The western part of Lomanthang
    • The impression of Potala village can be gotten
    • It was a place, where various disputes would be resolved during the King’s regime
    • Two ruined Bon Po monasteries
    • Namgyal Gompa, owned by nuns
    • Various festivals celebrated

    Yara village- 3650 meters

    • Located on the way to Luri Gompa
    • A warmer village in Upper Mustang- where people grow fruits and vegetables
    • Unique sandy cliff on other side
    • It is also on the way to Damodar Kunda Trek

    Tangye village- 3240 meters

    • Iconic chhortens in the village
    • Cultivating land, greenery
    • Animal husbandry profession
    • Fruita and vegetables

    Dhi/ Dhee gaon- 3920 meters

    • Located at the eastern part of Lomanthang
    • A greenery village, suitable for cultivation
    • On the way from Lomanthang to Yara

    Ghiling/Geling village- 3570 meters

    • Located on the way to Kora La Highway
    • Has a wonderful monastery
    • Sits under a rocking mountain

    Dhakmar- 3820 meters

    Dhakmar village is surrounded by red cliffs, which is directly related to Guru Rinpoche, and His killing of the Demon he was chasing from Tibet.  Nearby, there is a world-renowned Lo Ghekar Monastery (Ghar Gompa), which is one of the prime attractions in Upper Mustang. Dhakmar village is culturally impressive and naturally delightful. 

    Upper Mustang's Less Popular Villages

    Tangbe/Tangwe Village

    • Located ahead of Kagbeni, before Chhuksang
    • Surrounded by the green fields
    • Narrow stone alleys, stone houses
    • Local people called Taipas

    Samdzong/ Samjong Village- 4200 meters

    • Located behind the Chhoser valley
    • Hidden settlement, but accessible by jeep
    • Traditional and typical lifestyles of Lopas
    • White-washed houses
    • Inhabited by only few people

    Chhusang/ Chhuksang Village- 2980 meters

    • Chhusang village is great for overnight stays due to the altitude
    • About 2 hours from Kagbeni
    • Surrounded by a wide range of barley and buckwheat fields
    • Apple orchards and Apricot fruits
    • A wonderful suspension bridge

    Chele Village- 3050 meters

    • Chele is a small village ahead of Chhuksang
    • Located at the edge of the River- canyons
    • Several tea houses and lodge
    • Afternoon remains windy

    Samar Village- 3660 meters

    • Samar village is ahead of Ghyakar village
    • A wonderful place facing towards east
    • Warm and lower altitude
    • About 15 houses and hotels
    • One of the routes lead to Chungsi cave

    Ghyakar Village- 3562 meters

    • Located between Chele and Samar cliff
    • Surrounded by a long wall of mud bricks
    • Mostly explored by trekkers

    Tetang Village- 3040 meters

    • Located close to the Chhuksang village
    • If you are spending an overnight stay, better to do a side trip to Tetang
    • Old ruined fortress
    • Colorful chhortens

    Syangbochen- 3800 meters

    • A small town with 4-5 houses
    • Gateway to the Chungsi Cave
    • Good place to stay or to have lunch

    Tama gaon- 3710 meters

    • Only four houses
    • Lies between Syangbochen and Ghami.

    Chhunggar Village- 3750 meters

    • Chhungar has only two houses, on the Kora La Highway.

    Jhaite Village- 3820 meters

    • A part of the Ghiling village
    • Near Nyi La Pass (4020 meters)
    • Those who travel to Upper Mustang Lomanthang often stop at Jhaite for lunch

    Marang Village- 3800 meters

    • Near Lo Ghekar Monastery
    • People from Marang takes care the monastery
    • 48 household
    • Has a wide range of cultivating land

    Namgyal Village- 3910 meters

    • Surrounded by many ruined forts
    • Northwest of Lomanthang
    • Includes Namgyal Gompa on the edge

    Phuwa Village- 4000 meters

    • Near Thingar village
    • Leads you through a narrow route
    • Has a cave monastery

    Nyamdo Village- 4100 meters

    • Nyamdo is the last village you will see on the way to the Kora La Border, above Choser
    • Located near custom office
    • It is a village devoted to Buddhist spiritualism

    Chumjung Village- 4170 meters

    • A beautiful village near Nyamdo, which is often busy with yak herders
    • Has a wide range of cultivating land
    • They shift to Ghami in winter and do farming in summer

    Kimaling Village- 4030 meters

    • A beautiful village near Thingar
    • This is also quite isolated village, and people move to Pokhara in winter

    Nenyul Village- 3900 meters

    • Nenyul village is located on the way from Lomanthang to Samjung village
    • 45 minutes from Lomanthang
    • Remains hidden from tree-line, chortens and monastery

    Chhorak village- 3820 meters

    • North side of Lomanthang
    • Preserves traditional culture- folk dance and songs
    • On the way to Choser from Lomanthang

    Ghara- 3920 meters

    • Ghara is quite a renowned village due to the famous Buddhist site- Luri Gompa.
    • The monastery is located on the cliff, which belongs to the Nyingmapa sect.
    • Ghara is a gateway to the Damodar Kunda.

    Dhe Village- 3920 meters

    • About 14 household
    • On the way from Yara to Tange

    To explore the magical Mustang and its hidden villages, where some of the most striking Tibetan Buddhist cultural influences are hiding. Join our trips to explore the hidden gems of Upper Mustang. You can send us booking and inquiries via:

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    Bhanu Khatiwada
    Bhanu KhatiwadaMar 20th 2024

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