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    Shija Jhong Cave in Upper Mustang Chhoser
    Sagun ThapaFeb 9th 2024

    Located 21 km away from the capital of Upper Mustang- the 5-story Jhong Cave is an unavoidable attraction in the Chhoser region. Those travelers, who take the Upper Mustang Lomanthang Jeep Tour, visit this cave in their tour and disclose the mysteries of the cave civilization in the history of Mustang.

    History of Jhong Cave- Chhoser

    If you talk about the caves and monasteries in Upper Mustang, there are an abundant number of caves and monasteries that date back to 2500 years ago.  There are various proofs that once people of this region took shelter in the Jhong cave for some reason. One of the stories is like this:

    When there was a Khampa rebellion in Tibet the rebellions also came to Upper Mustang. Those rebellions were supported facilitated, had a good backup, and started to torture the locals. They had ammunition, money, and everything. They invaded the communities in the Mustang region and with fear, they went to the caves like Shija Jhong Cave. Later, when the Nepal army post was set in Jomsom, they killed Khampa leaders and established peace. After that, Shija Jhong Cave and other antique natural structures have become tourist attractions in the Mustang region.


    Another story could be the safety from natural disasters like to be safe from a heavy snowfall. There were no good houses that could give them warmth. So, they could take good shelter there inside the cave. 




    Best Time for the Sijha Jhong Cave Tour Trekking

    March-April-May: Days are warmer and the skies remain clear. It’s the best time to travel with outstanding views of the surrounding landscape, hills, canyons, and the Himalayas.  

    June-July-August: They are the months of monsoon and it usually rains in many parts of Nepal. However, the Mustang region is situated beyond the Himalayas, which is a Himalayan rain shadow area. It’s great to travel/trek to the Shija Jhong Cave and Upper Mustang Lomanthang Jeep Tour in the monsoon time too without any confusion. 

    Note: Sometimes, it may rain during these months, so better to take a raincoat with you and rain boots. 

    September-October-November: Perfect weather, warmer days, colder nights, and amazing views can be explored in the autumn season. 

    December-January-February are extremely cold, but as far as you will travel by jeep, it is still possible. 

    Special Permits to Upper Mustang and Cost

    As you know, Upper Mustang is a controlled region of Nepal, which is also known as a restricted zone without such permits. You need to obtain special permits from the Immigration Department. Another permit you need to have is an ACAP permit, which is obtained from the Nepal Tourism Board's Office.

    The cost for the Upper Mustang Special Permit is 500 USD per person. To obtain the permit, you should be in a group, of at least 2 people as per the rule set by the Nepal government.

    Common Faqs about Sijha Jhong Cave Chhoser-Upper Mustang

    Where is Sijha Jhong Cave located?

    Sijha Jhong Cave is located in the hidden landscape of Upper Mustang- 21 kilometers away from the capital of Upper Mustang-Lomanthang. 

    How many stories and rooms are there in the cave?

    Five-storied Jhong Cave has 40 rooms inside the cave in total.

    When was the Cave discovered?

    About 2500 years ago. 

    What is the altitude of the Cave?

    About 4000 meters above the sea level. 

    Is it Possible to Overland- Tour to the Jhong Cave-Chhoser in Upper Mustang by Jeep from Pokhara?

    No confusion. Many hidden caves and Monasteries of Upper Mustang are accessible by road and jeep tour from Pokhara. The Jhong Cave is also accessible by 4WD jeep, driven by professional drivers. You may go through the Upper Mustang Tour Videos. 

    Lowo Nyiphug Namdrol Norbuling Monastic School-Chhoser.

    Some renowned caves and monasteries in Upper Mustang

    Luri Gompa

    Chungsi Cave

    Lo Ghekar Monastery (Ghar Gumba)

    Chodzong Cave Monastery

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    Sagun ThapaFeb 9th 2024

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