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    Pokhara to Upper Mustang Lomanthang and Muktinath Jeep Tour Detailed Info
    Bhanu Khatiwada
    Bhanu KhatiwadaFeb 3rd 2024

    Upper Mustang Lomanthang Jeep Tour and Trek have abundant breathtaking attractions dating back to the medieval era. This region remained mysterious and unexplored for a long time and the Nepal government opened it as a controlled (restricted) region in 1992 the journey to Upper Mustang has become easily accessed from Kathmandu and Pokhara.


    Upper Mustang Lomanthang is such an area, where the mystery never ends. It is a paradise for photographers. Hidden rocky caves, colorful monasteries, chhortens, hidden Tibetan Buddhist settlements, and barley and buckwheat fields are some of the representative sites in this region, which was the hidden Kingdom of Nepal.

    The enticing sceneries in Upper Mustang belong to the Ngro Subsect of Sakya Buddhism. Each village of the Upper Mustang has centuries-old monasteries.


    Famous Monasteries in the Upper Mustang Region

    Kag Chode Gumpa in Kagbeni (Controlled region begins from Kagbeni)

    Tsrang Monastery/Jampa Monastery is the oldest monastery inside the walled settlement. Thubchen Monastery

    Ghar Gumpa (8th century)

    Shija Jhong Cave (Chhoser Village)

    Shija Jhong Cave near Chhoser Cave is one among thousands of caves in the mystical region of Upper Mustang. Having more than 40 rooms, this 155-foot-tall cave is a prime attraction for the Upper Mustang travelers. The cave has five stories and you will find an entrance. There are ladders to climb up to the cave and the magnetic view of the Mustang Valley can be explored from the windows (holes) of the cave. 

    The history of the cave goes back to the time when there was an invasion of Khampa rioters from Tibet. With direct funding from India, Khampas attacked the local villagers. So, they used to hide themselves there. Some of the proofs that archaeologists have discovered are rooms used to store grains, some rooms as burial chambers, and some black ceilings, which may be used as a kitchen room. 

     Luri Gumpa

    Thubchen Monastery (The second most important monastery in the walled settlement of Lo-manthang is Thubchen).

    Ranchung cave

    Also known as a Chungsi cave, Ranchung cave is situated on the way to the upper Mustang, in between Samar and Syangboche villages. People believe that Guru Rinpoche meditated in this cave around the 8th century. Various naturally formed images of deities add more charm to this attraction.

    Lower Mustang Region Attractions

    Muktinath Temple

    Muktinath Temple is the center of Hindu pilgrimage seekers around the globe. Located at an altitude of 3800 meters in the Mustang region, this sacred site welcomes thousands of Hindu devotees and thousands of other people to explore the mysteries of the temple and the entire landscape. People believe that if you pay homage to the temple, your sins will be washed away.


    One of the oldest Himalayan villages of Nepal, Kagbeni means (Kag- Crow and Venue- junction of two rivers). Kagbeni is also known as Yakshya-Tirtha, where Hindu people pay homage to their passes-away forefathers. It is an antique settlement with about 500 people inhabiting the locality.


    Jomsom is a district center of the Mustang district. It is situated at an altitude of about 2,700 meters (8,900 ft) in the Gandaki Province of western Nepal. The outstanding peaks of Tilicho, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri can be witnessed from this place. It has got an airport, where the daily flights take off from Pokhara. Nearby, the Kali Gandaki River flows, where the Shaligramas can be found.


    The antique and outstanding Marpha village is a gem of the Mustang region. Literally, "mar" means hard-working, and "pha" means people. This village is also called an apple orchard as it is surrounded by apple gardens. Marpha has a nearby Tibetan refugee camp, a scenic location, and a hilly point.


    Tatopani is a tiny village in the Myagdi district of Nepal, on the way to Muktinath. It has got a few lodges and has got a natural hot spring. People who visit the Muktinath temple, prefer to take a bath here.


    Itinerary Variations of Trekking and Tours

    05 Nights/06 Days Pokhara to Upper Mustang Lomanthang and Muktinath Jeep Tour

    Day 01: Pokhara to Jomsom.

    Day 02: Kagbeni to Lomanthang.

    Day 03: Explore Lomanthang and the Korola border region

    Day 04: Drive back to Kagbeni.

    Day 05: Drive to Muktinath- visit Dhumba Lake and back to Tatopani.

    Day 06: Drive back to Pokhara.


    07 Nights/08 Days Pokhara to Upper Mustang Tour and Trekking Package

    Day 01: 4WD Jeep drive to Kagbeni via Jomsom. (Drive 8 hours)

    Day 02: Drive to Lomanthang. (about 6 hours).

    Day 03: Explore around.

    Day 04: Trek from Lomanthang to Yara (3650 meters)

    Day 05: Trek from Yara to Tangge (3240 meters).

    Day 06: Trek from Tangge to Tetang (3040 meters).

    Day 07: Trek from Tetang to Muktinath (3760 meters).

    Day 08: Trek to Jomsom.

    Day 09: Fly back to Pokhara, rest, and boat around Phewa Lake.


    Bhanu Khatiwada
    Bhanu KhatiwadaFeb 3rd 2024

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