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    Panauti-a UNESCO-Listed World Heritage Site
    Sandhya TimalsenaJan 30th 2024

    Panauti is the cultural capital of the Kavre district, which is a typical Newari town situated 32 kilometers away, southeast of the Kathmandu valley. It is globally renowned for its antique charm retaining the wooden buildings, olden houses, and impressive temples. The gullies-pedestrians of Panauti are still safe from the excessive intrusion of the traveling kind. 

    Historical Introduction of Panauti

    The founder of Panauti is believed to be the King Harsing Dev, dating back to the 14th Century. Based on historical evidence, the typical Newari town was rewarded with a gift by King Bhupatindra Malla to his sisters. Since the town was in existence, it remained a very busy bustling trading hub. The locality was settled by the Newar people that are advanced in the trading sector. It was one of the major stops of the salt trade route with Tibet. Since the Araniko highway was constructed, the charm of this antique town run away.

    The historical UNESCO World Heritage Site of Panauti is located at the confluence of two Rivers- Punyamati and Roshi Khola. However, there is a mythology that this is not the juncture of only two Rivers, rather it has the confluence of three Rivers, including Lilawoti. Thus it is called Triveni (juncture of three Rivers). Hindu devotees believe that if they pay homage to this sacred site, their sins will be washed away.

    The Indreshwar Temple 

    It is believed that in the main shrine of Indreshor Temple, there is a golden scripture dating back to 1385, and the temple was built over a lingam dating back to 1294. It is the oldest surviving temple in Nepal. If you overlook the shrine in terms of architecture, the temple has a pagoda shrine with old wooden and stone art and sculptures. Various other temples and historical palaces make the surroundings spectacular.

    Various Attractions in Panauti Heritage Site

    Panauti Heritage Walk

    It's amazing to walk on the Heritage Walk Route of Panauti which has a wide walking route.

    Cultural Prosperity of Panauti and Popular Dances

    Panauti was the trading hub before the Araniko Highway existed. After that, this antique town has become a prime cultural attraction. There are various Jatra and Celebrations taking place. 

    Nava Durga Dance of Panauti Jatra

    Panauti Jatra is celebrated every year at the end of the monsoon. It usually begins on the tenth day of the bright fortnight in May-June. The Jatra is celebrated for 3 days with a great number of people as it is a significant celebration. A huge crowd pulls the chariot and crosses the Punyamati River. Nava Durga Dance is a celebration of nine Durgas with the power of Shiva and Parvati- Tantric dance.

    Makar Mela

    The greatly popular celebration of Makar Mela is celebrated in every 12 years. At the juncture of Punyamati and Roshi Khola, people gather and take a holy bath. There is also another River, which is hidden and is named Kalawati. Thus, the confluence of these three Rivers is called Triveni, where the pilgrimage seekers take holy baths.

    Harisiddhi Dance

    The oldest and unique dance of Nepal is known as Harisiddhi Dance, performed in Paauti. The dance is done for the goddess Shakti.  It was initiated two decades ago, by King Vikramaditya. (for your information, the Nepali date is known as B.S. and is 57 years ahead of the A.D. date, which was begun by King Vikramaditya). In the dance, various languages of deities and spirits will be used. Another King Amar Malla re-started the dance as it disappeared for a long time. King Pratap Malla is another King who had to begin it again after Amar Malla.


    The Surrounding Landscape of Panauti

    The landscape around Panauti is so fertile, where various crops like paddy, potatoes, wheat, and mustard types of crops are grown. The green vegetation makes the entire surroundings outstanding.

    Namobuddha Day Tour and Hiking

    Except for the cultural exploration of the antique and historical site of Panauti and its surroundings, it's time to move on. For this, you have some amazing touring options. Yes, Namobuddha- the world's renowned Buddhist pilgrimage destination. It is accessible by road trip and also by hiking. If you are interested in walking, we highly recommend Namobuddha Hike, trust us, it is exceptional.  Find: Namobuddha Day Hike

    Common Faqs about the Panauti Day Tour

    How Far is Panauti from Kathmandu?

    32 kilometers on the east of Kathmandu valley. 

    What is the Best Time to Visit Panauti?

    All the year. If you visit in April-May or September, you will see the festive vibes around Panauti. 

    Is there any restaurant in Panauti for meals?

    There are some restaurants near by the heritage site for meals. 

    How to go there?

    Panauti is accessible by the road. Based on your group size, you will get the transportation for the tour by Nepal Kameleon Holidays- car, jeep, hiace, and bus. 

    Is there any form of accommodation in Panauti?

    Not very suitable for the tourists till now. However, Dhulikhel will be the best point to spend overnight with the picturesque Himalayan views.

    How to book the Panauti Day Tour?

    We organize the Panauti Heritage Site Day tour Namobuddha tour and hiking in combination every day. If you have any questions or would like to book, you can contact us via:

    WhatsApp: +977 9851159455

    Email: [email protected] 



    Sandhya TimalsenaJan 30th 2024

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