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    Major Worshipped Deities in Hinduism Nepal
    Sandhya TimalsenaJan 8th 2024

    Brahma (He is the creator of the universe and is seen in three-headed and four-hand positions)

    Visnu (He is the preserver. He is seen as the god with the human face)

    Shiva (aka Shanker-He is known as a destroyer and regenerator. He is seen in Nartaj, Lingam, and Ascentic form)

    Indra (He is the ruler of heaven and King of Gods. Aka God of rain)

    Durga (Durga is a Goddess of the destroyer, who is the consort of Shiva)

    Laxmi (Goddess of wealth, daughter of Shiva, and Durga- Wife of Visnu)

    Saraswoti (Goddess of Knowledge and Education, usually seen with Bina (musical instrument)

    Kali (Tantric Shakti goddess, terrifying form of Durga)

    Ram (Avatar of Lord Visnu, often seen with a bow and arrow, one of the widely known God)

    Krishna (A strategic master of Mahabharat battle, 8th incarnation of Visnu, who has 16000 wives)

    Ganesh (Son of Shiva and Parvati, a God whose name is pronounced before beginning any important religious work)

    Hanuman (A friend of Ram, who is highly dedicated to his duty)

    Bhairav (Tantric form of Shiva)

    Garud (half bird, half man, vehicle of Visnu)

    Sandhya TimalsenaJan 8th 2024

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