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    Everest Helicopter and Bhaktapur Wheelchair Tour
    Sagun ThapaJun 1st 2024

    Everest View Hotel Helicopter Tour and Bhaktapur Wheelchair Tour offer exclusive memories for wheelchair users and those looking for accessible trips.  It is a luxurious trip, which takes you close to the Himalayas, and sitting in the yard of the Everest View Hotel, you can explore the tallest peak in the world- Mount Everest (88480.86 meters) and its vicinity.


    Ground Transportation: Land Cruiser Jeep or Hiace (based on the number of people)

    Helicopter (Chopper): Private chartered flight

    Helicopter flight duration: 2.15 hours

    Takes off: Kathmandu

    Landing: Everest View Hotel

    Landing time: for breakfast (30 minutes)

    After the flight back: Bhaktapur Wheelchair Tour

    Everest View Helicopter Tour for Wheelchair User (Accessible Tour)

    Welcome to the most luxurious and incredible Helicopter tour in the Everest region. Our effort is to take the wheelchair user to the most delightful breakfast place in the world- Hotel Everest View, located above 3800 meters altitude above sea level. The tour starts from the domestic airport of Kathmandu, flying to the busy airport of Lukla in about 40 minutes.

    Waiting for the chopper ride to the Everest View Hotel

    The helicopter usually stops at Lukla once to manage fueling. Then it flies about 20 minutes more to the Hotel Everest View. There is a heli stand near the hotel. Sitting in its yard, you can figure out the shape and distance of Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Ama Dablam. On the other hand, the yummy breakfast gives your Tommy a good knock. To be honest, the Helicopter ride to the Hotel Everest View is the most amazing trip for the Wheelchair accessible tour. It is another hour's trip back to Kathmandu after having breakfast at the Everest View Hotel.

    Bhaktapur Wheelchair Accessible Tour

    A UNESCO-listed world heritage site- Bhaktapur Durbar Square is mostly wheelchair accessible. If you would like to spend an entire afternoon, it's the best place. The square has an abundant number of cultural attractions, along with the historical palace. It's a great opportunity to explore the medieval prosperity in arts and architecture. 

    Major Attractions in Bhaktapur Durbar Square for Wheelchair Accessible Tour

    55 Window Palace

    The National Art Museum

    The Golden Gate

    Taleju Temple

    Siddhi Laxmi Temple

    Naga Pokhari

    Nyatapola Temple

    Taumadhi Square

    Dattatraya Square

    Pottery Square

    Best Time for the Helicopter to Everest View Hotel and Bhaktapur Wheelchair Tour

    Spring: Mid March-April-May

    Autumn: Mid September-October-November

    Winter: December-January

    The best time as abovementioned is great for wheelchair tours, treks, and other activities. On the other hand, the impressive Himalayan views can be explored. However, the specific day can be different due to the cause of nature. 

    Place to Eat in Bhaktapur Wheelchair Tour

    There are several restaurants in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square premises. They are of tourist quality and offer a wide range of food menus. Travelers love typical Newari cuisine, Nepali Dal Bhat, Mo: Mo, Chowmin, and other food items. Some of the places are wheelchair accessible (The restaurant at Taumadhi Square, near the Dttatraya and Nyatapola Temple-somewhere at the center). There are many restaurants on rooftops, but they are not wheelchair accessible. 


    Dattatraya Temple, Taumadhi Square

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    Sagun ThapaJun 1st 2024

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