Terms and Conditions

Nepal Kameleon Holidays lets you know about the terms and conditions policy of the company. This helps to make an agreement between you and Nepal Kameleon Holidays in order to avoid any confusion and disputes regarding the trip. Here 'company' refers to Nepal Kameleon Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Please, go through it before booking the trips.

1. Trip Booking

This includes any trip bookings arranged by Nepal Kameleon Holidays, including trekking tours, day tours, hiking, and other programs. 

The booking is counted from the date of booking confirmation of the company send to you in an e-mail.

Till the trips are booked, the company deserves the right to update the price.

The company will not be responsible for any unavoidable emergency that can occur during the trip, ex. Landslide, earthquake, flood, and others.

2. Deposit for the trip booking

Inbound Trips: You should deposit 20% of the total trip cost in advance in the account given by the company. The rest of the 80% payment should be made upon your arrival in Kathmandu.

Outbound Trips (Tibet and Bhutan): 50%of the total trip cost should be deposited at the time of booking and the rest 50% payment should be made upon your arrival in Kathmandu.

3. Payment Methods

Various methods can be used for the payment. Use IME/Western Union money transfer.

Payment via Bank Transfer

Name of the Account Holder: - Nepal Kameleon Holidays P. LTD.

Account Number: - 01906923810016

Account Type: Current Account USD

Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd.

Bank Address: Sanchaya Kosh Bhavan, Tridevi Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Postal Code: 20590

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Note: The client should cover the bank charge at the time of sending. If the transfer process will be delayed or anything losses, we are not liable for this condition. If you are using IME or Western Union Money transfer, send us the receipt copy.

Total payment should be made upon your arrival in Nepal. If you use a card for the payment, you should cover the 4% surplus charge by yourself.

For Tibet and Bhutan, you have to make a final payment a month prior to the arrival date.

1. Trip cancellation

If you have to cancel the trip, you have to write us and get the acknowledgment of the company. Then deducting the cancellation charge, the company will finalize it

In Nepal: 20% of the total trip cost

Outside of Nepal: 50% of the total trip cost

For the trip cancellation of Tibet and Bhutan, you need to let us know a month prior. To cancel Nepal, you have to let us know 10 days earlier than the trip date. No refund is given after that.