Responsible Travel

Eco-tourism lies at the heart of any trips organized by Nepal Kameleon Holidays.

Tourism has established as a greater industry in Nepal. Every year, several hundred thousands of travelers explore this beautiful Himalayan country, its cultural diversities and awesome heritages. Thousands of manpower is engaged in this industry by means of travel, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, hotel and many more areas. However, it has also brought the waste and reduction in natural resources.

Looking at this matter, Nepal Kameleon Holidays operates all its walking holiday trips and tours preserving the ecology and environment. We, the whole team, are fully aware about operating the ecology friendly trips promoting the natural conservation and cultural heritages that are fully loaded. Responsible Tourism is what we make efforts to embrace and avoid those negative effects of the trips. We just leave our footprints on the areas we go, not the garbage and any natural deduction.

How do we operate eco-friendly trips?

  • Leaving only footprints, managing garbage properly.
  • Respecting local culture, values and traditions.
  • Promoting locally produced things and manpower.
  • Reducing the high-use of natural resources, using gas or kerosene instead of fire woods. 
  • Using less carbon dioxide producing vehicles.