Privacy Policy

Nepal Kameleon Holidays is fully aware regarding your personal details and information. You may use your name, address, contact, email, or any updates through our company websites or via e-mail. We would like to assure that all the information you provide to us will be kept privately. We respect your privacy matters and dedicated to making you feel safe with your details. We take this as the professionalism of our company. But we are not associated with other links and security matters of other Web Pages that are not in our control.  

  • We have to submit your passport’s copy and photos to the tourism offices to get TIMS card and permits.
  • We use our secured official e-mail for the communications. We may update you about the newly discovered trails or tour packages or any other necessary things in the case you are interested.
  • We reply you in a rapid way for the quick help.

If you have any queries or comments, please, feel free to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays at [email protected]