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    Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhava Pilgrimage Tour - <span class="font-light">10 days</span>
    • DestinationNepal
    • Durations10 days
    • Trip DifficultyEasy
    • ActivitiesTour
    • AccommodationHotel/Lodge
    • MealsBreakfast
    • VehicleCar/Jeep/Bus
    • Group SizeMin. 1 Pax

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    Trip Overview

    Trip Highlights

    • Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev)
    • Namobuddha (Thrangu Tashi Monastery) and Yarinag (Yarinak)- Temal, Kavre
    • Asura Cave and Yangleshö in Pharping 
    • Milarepa Cave and Sankhu Vajrayogini
    • UNESCO Listed Buddhist world heritage sites
    • Naropa and Tiloppa Caves in Pashupatinath Square
    • Scenic Everest View Mountain Flight

    Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Vajrayana Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal is a uniquely outstanding tour designed for the Vajrayana devotees who are Dzogchen practitioners. The tour takes you to the major sacred sites of Nepal, where Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) meditated and enlightened. The itinerary of this tour has been customized based on our previous experiences or organizing tours.

    Following the places where Guru Rinpoche meditated and appeared in various forms, the tour kickstarts from Kathmandu, exploring the sites of Pharping. Asura Cave and Yangleshö Cave are the renowned points. Visiting Dakshinkali temple is just one kilometer away from there. She is a powerful God, but this site comes as a complement. 

    Maratika Cave of eastern Nepal is immensely renowned around the globe. It is not only for the Buddhists but also for Hindu and Kirant devotees. It is such a powerful place, where Guru Rinpoche achieved immortality. Similarly, Yarinag (Yarinak) of Temal Kavre district comes on the way while driving back from Maratika. It is highly recommended to visit if you follow the significant sites of Guru Rinpoche and His power. 

    Likewise, Namobuddha Monastery (THRANGU TASHI YANGTSE MONASTERY), Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Milarepa Cave, Vajrayogini Temple, Tiloppa Cave, and Naropa Cave of Pashupatinath, Guiheshori, Boudhanath Stupa, Patan Durbar Square and Vajrayogini temple, Swayambhunath stupa are major places that this tour covers. 

    Major Attractions of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Vajrayana Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

    Pharping Asura Cave and Yangleshö Cave

    The enormous 40m-high statue of Guru Rinpoche is a prime attraction, which was built in 2012. From this point, the monasteries of the Dollu village and Pharping can be seen. During the winter months, he practiced at the sunny upper Asura Cave, and during the hot summer months, he retreated to the lower Yangleshö Cave. Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) was enlightened by meditating in the Asura Cave of Pharping.

    Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev) and its significance to devotees

    In Kirant mythology, Maratika cave is their ancestral cave, where their ancestor Raechhakule (Khokchilipa) also known as Hetchhakuppa remained inside.

    In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Maratika-Halesi is an abode of Lord Mahadev, hiding from the demon- Bhasmasur. Thousands of pilgrimage seekers visit this place to pay homage.

    In Buddhism, Maratika Cave is one of the six supreme pilgrimage sites in the world and very special for Vajrayana practitioners. Those people looking for a long life prefer to visit this sacred site in eastern Nepal. It is here that Guru Rinpoche, with his consort Mandarava, achieved immortal life through the practice of Amitayus (Cited from Tara Himalayan vision).

    Yarinag (Yarinak)- Temal, Kavre

    Yarinag (Yarinak) of Temal Kavre district is one of the most important meditation places of Guru Rinpoche. It is also known as the 'Phurba of Approach'. Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) took the figure of Dükyi Shechen, who removed obstacles and provided protection. Guru Rinpoche practiced Vajrakilaya and slayed demons. Major things not to miss to see at Yarinag (Yarinak)

    • Tiger’s head
    • Drum, conch shell, and trumpet
    • Phurba or Kila-dagger
    • Sogshing (“tree of life-force”)
    • Gargyen (“round ornament of the torma”)


    Namobuddha monastery is of a Kagyu tradition: a monastic college focused on the study of Buddhist philosophy, a practice assembly focused on meditation, and an activity contingent focused on various aspects of work at the monastery. 

    - 6-storied main temple building

    - Medical Clinic

    - Shree Mangal Dip Branch School

    - Monks' quarters

    - A monastic college

    Namobudda (literally means newborn Buddha). There is a story of a prince who feeds his flesh to a hungry tigress to make her alive and feed her cubs. When the people came to search for the prince, there were only bones. They are engraved here. The prince is taken as a rebirth of Lord Buddha. 

    Birth Assumptions in Buddhism

    • By birth
    • From egg
    • From sweat
    • By superpower: Without sexual intercourse, born with divine power. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche spontaneously appeared in the center of a lotus.

    Best Time for the Tour

    Guru Rinpoche Vajrayana Pilgrimage Tour can be done throughout the year. However, if you would like to catch the best time, you can travel except during the monsoon season, which is July and August. From mid-September, the weather goes better and the tour can be done as per your wish. 

    Food and Accommodation on the Tour 

    Food and accommodation are great on this tour. All your accommodation will be in luxurious and comfortable hotels and resorts. Your tour primarily revolves around the cities and for a couple of nights, you will stay outside of Kathmandu valley. One night- you will stay at a luxurious resort at Maratika Cave and another night you will stay at the monastic guest house at Namobuddha. 

    Regarding food, it is available of your choice on the menu. So, there are not any limited items. At Namobuddha, you will be having meals with monks. 

    Transportation in the Tour

    Transportation service depends on the group size about which vehicle to use. We use the vehicle as per your group size. However, even for a minimal size, we recommend using a 4WD Land Cruiser Jeep, rather than using cars. 

            .1-5 Pax- by Land Cruiser Jeep

            .6-12 Pax- by Hiace

            . 13+ Pax- Tourist Bus 

    Tour Extension

    The tour can be extended as per your availability of time. If you would like to extend the tour that is significant to the mastic experience, we take you to Mustang Muktinath and Pokhara.  

    Guide for the Tour

    Our tour guides are government-licensed and have led an abundant number of tours to various destinations and cultural sites of Nepal. sometimes, the way to describe some Guru Rinpoche Holy sites may differ between the guide and the Lama because the sites have different meanings for different forms of religious devotees. 


    • Day 01

      Arrival at Kathmandu, transfer to the hotel.

      Welcome to Nepal. Our airport representative receives you at the airport and transfers you at the respective hotel booked for you at Thamel, which is a renowned town for the tourists. A short briefing will be given to you once you checked-in at the hotel about the upcoming program and timing. Overnight at the hotel.

    • Day 02

      Visit Pharping- Explore Guru Rinpoche Statue, Yangleshö cave and Asura Cave.

      Welcome to the first-day tour dedicated to Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)- the precious master. Having breakfast at the hotel, drive to Pharping Monastery. It is located 20 km southwest of Kathmandu. Explore the sacred sites, where Guru Rinpoche meditated and enlighted;- Asura Cave and Yangleshö cave.

      As far as you reach Pharping, if you want, we can take you to the Dakshinkali Temple, which is located 1 km away from Pharping. It is believed that those who worship Kali are said to be able to overcome death itself. People offer cockerels and uncastrated male goats as Dakshina (present). After the tour, come back to the hotel and take a rest. Overnight at the hotel.

    • Day 03

      Drive to Maratika Cave (Halesi Mahadev). 222 km east

      Having breakfast, you begin the tour at around 08:30 am. The distance of this trip covers around 222 km, driving towards east. On the way, you stop in a couple of places for lunch and refreshments. The beautiful highway drive is wonderful. You reach Maratika point in the evening after about 7 hours' driving. Overnight at the resort.   

    • Day 04

      Explore Maratika Cave and enjoy exploring around with a hike.

      The Maratika cave (Halesi Mahadev) is located in the Khotang district of eastern Nepal. It is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations for Hindus, Buddhists, and Kirant devotees. The religious significance differs according to the belief system of various devotees as mentioned above. You will be explained about the history and spiritual significance of the local Lama. After the briefing session, explore around the landscape with a hike for refreshment. Overnight at the resort.


    • Day 05

      Drive back to Yarinag (Yarinak)- Temal and drive to Namobuddha (Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery).

      Good morning. After having breakfast, start the tour a bit early in the morning. Driving about 135 km west, you reach the Temal village of Kavre district. There you can see Yarinak- a slate mountain forest. Guru Rinpoche meditated there and took the form of Dükyi Shechen, Great Demon Slayer. Dükyi Shechen is a great form for freeing obstacles and providing protection from demons. There are various attractions you will see during the tour on a steep cliffside. 

      Exploring Yarinag (Yarinak), it's time to drive back to the Namobuddha Monastery, which is another 50 km drive. The premises of the monastery is awesome. You may catch the evening prayer if you reach on time. The accommodation will be in the monastery premises. 


    • Day 06

      Explore around Namobuddha and drive back to Kathmandu via Sanga and Bhaktapur.

      Witness the morning prayer at the Monastery. Then have breakfast and explore around the monastery. The giant buildings, pagoda-style shrines, lighting candles, and exploring the site related to the prince and his sacrifice are great. From Namobuddha, start the drive via Dhulukhel and stop at Sanga to see the statue is 143 feet in height and was made using copper, zinc, concrete, and steel. 

      While driving back to Kathmandu, explore the Bhaktapur Durbar Square, which is a real epitome of cultural prosperity in the medieval century. Along with the wooden and stone craftsmanship, Buddhist pilgrims visit Prashannashil Mahavihara, which enshrines a beautiful statue of Dipamkara, sometimes known as Red Tara. It is found just north of Dattatraya Square. Exploring this amazing site, drive back to Kathmandu. Overnight at the hotel. 

    • Day 07

      Explore Milarepa cave, Vajrayogini Sankhu, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath Guhaeshwari.

      Milarepa Cave near Nagrkot above Bhaktapur is a cave where Milarepa meditated and it is also believed that even Manjushree arrived at this place. But at that time, Manjushree was in the form of Vajracharya Manjudeva. You will see the surroundings of the cave scenic and the entire valley looks gorgeous. Then you visit the Vajrayogini at Sankhu, Ugra-Tara. Following the easy practice, Vajrayogini is the Highest Yoga Tantra yidam (meditational deity). She is admired for her ability to transform strong desires into enlightened virtue.

      Following the program, you explore one of the biggest stupas in the world- Boudhanath Stupa and the Pashupatinath Temple. There are Tiloppa and Naroppa caves on the bank of the Holy Bagmati River. Guhaeshwari temple at the eastern boundary of Pashupatinath is another site suitable for this tour. After the tour, back to the hotel and take a rest. Overnight at the hotel. 


    • Day 08

      Mount Everest View Flight (about 1 hour), visit Patan Durbar Square and Swayambhunath.

      Good morning. Early in the morning, you enjoy the scenic Mount Everest view flight, which is about an hour. Mount Everest (8848.86 meters), the highest peak in the world comes to your eye level. The surroundings of this majestic peak look excellent, including 8000-meter peaks and the vicinity. After the tour, come back to the hotel and have breakfast. 

      After breakfast, enjoy the sightseeing tour of two world-renowned world heritage sites- Swayambhunath Stupa and Patan Durbar Square. Swayambhunath is located at the hilltop in the prime location of Kathmandu. Thousands of pilgrimage seekers visit this site every day. Patan Durbar Square is another UNESCO-listed world heritage site, where you will explore the Hindu Krishna Mandir, museum, and Patan Vajrayogini Temple. After the tour, back to the hotel and rest. Overnight at the hotel.

    • Day 09

      Rest and Shopping.

      It's time to take rest, enjoy massage and spa. During the day, you can explore the local market and do shopping. Buying souvenirs is great for your loved ones. Overnight at the hotel.

    • Day 10


      Our airport representative drops you at the airport for the departure. It takes about 20 minutes to drive to the airport with a bit of traffic on the way.

    If the provided schedule isn't suitable for you, we are able to create personalized travel arrangements according to your preferences and requirements.
    Customize my trip

    Cost Details

    Cost Includes

    • Airport- pick up and drop by private air conditioned vehicle
    • Accommodation in 3 star hotels in Kathmandu (can be upgraded covering extra costs) in Bed and Breakfast basis
    • All ground transportation by luxurious vehicle

            .1-2 Pax- by private air conditioned car

            .3-5 Pax- by Land Cruiser Jeep

            .6-12 Pax- Hiace

    • All sightseeing entrance fees for the above mentioned places
    • Mountain Flight ticket
    • Government Tax
    • A guide (for the tour management), his salary, food, accommodation and insurance.
    • Vegetarian dinner at Maratika point

    Cost Excludes

    • Your personal expenses and travel insurance
    • Lunch and dinner in cities, except Maratika and Namobuddha
    • Alcoholic drinks (not allowed), chocolates
    • Tips for the staffs
    • Things not mentioned above

    Dates & Availability

    • 21st Aug 2024From Kathmandu
      30th Aug 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 1st Sep 2024From Kathmandu
      10th Sep 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 24th Sep 2024From Kathmandu
      3rd Oct 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 5th Oct 2024From Kathmandu
      14th Oct 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 19th Oct 2024From Kathmandu
      28th Oct 2024To Kathmandu
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      US $1900Per person
    • 6th Nov 2024From Kathmandu
      15th Nov 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 23rd Nov 2024From Kathmandu
      2nd Dec 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 1st Dec 2024From Kathmandu
      10th Dec 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person
    • 22nd Dec 2024From Kathmandu
      31st Dec 2024To Kathmandu
      guaranteed 2 Left
      US $1900Per person

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