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Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot are both incredibly impressive tourist destinations for those, who love woods, Himalayan views, and bird sounds. These places are a paradise for the hiking and adventure seekers, where they can be quenched their thirst to be in nature and save adventure experience with various activities like hiking, Ghyampe Danda zipline, sky cycling, canopy cycling, swing, and many more activities.


Based on your group size, Nepal Kameleon Holidays organize the adventure tour and hiking to Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot. From Kathmandu, the location is only 15 kilometers, but the second half road is quite adventurous. First, it drives you through the splendid road of Bhaktapur and diverts towards the hill ridge via Suryabinayak temple.

Driving through the isolated part with the chirping melody of birds, you feel the freshness of nature. With several turns and twists, you reach Pilot Baba Aashram, which is a renowned weekend destination and also the place for picnic goers. Ghyampe Danda is a bit further uphill drive from there. 

Welcome to Ghyampe Danda Zipline point, a paradise for adventure seekers. Various adventure activities like short zipline, long zipline, canopy cycling, sky cycling, and swing welcome you with daring souls. They can be a place where you prove that your heart lets you enjoy adventure outdoor sports.

Likewise, if you prefer a day hike, you can directly begin your hike from Suryabinayak temple as the route is cool, even walking by the roadside? Ranikot, which is located above Ghyampe Danda, is the best for hiking seekers. The splendid route, isolated part, untouched and smooth trail is accompanied by the melodious birds' sound. Exploration of the Himalayan sceneries, eye-catching downhill landscape, valley, and woods are just superb to arrest.

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Zipline Activities Ghyampe Danda Ranikot and Cost Features

Types of Zipline Cost (Nepali) Cost (SAARC)

Cost (Foreigners)

Long Zipline (1.2 km)

  • Normal/Classic
  • Superman Fly
  • Couple Zipline






Short Zipline(450 meters)

  • Normal/Classic
  • Superman Fly
  • Couple Zipline






Sky Cycling (350 meters)

  • One Way
  • Two Way





Canopy Cycling

  • One Way
  • Two Way









  • Suryabinayak Temple- Bhaktapur
  • Pilot Baba Aashram and amazing picnic spot
  • Ghyampe Danda and zipline point
  • Ranikot- the best hiking destination
  • Best Himalayan views
  • Chirping melody of birds
  • Isolated landscape
  • Colorful setting
  • Happy faces
  • Adventurous experience

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Drive to Ghyampe Danda and back to Kathmandu

Trip Note

Please, let us know your group size and we manage transportation accordingly.

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01Drive to Ghyampe Danda and back to KathmanduLeave Kathmandu in a private transportation. We drive directly to Ghyampe Danda and enjoy the adventure activities of Zipline, choosing from the list short zipline, long zipline (classic,superman fly or couple), sky cycling, canopy cycling and swing. Enjoy the coffee time and hike to Ranikot, explore the impressive views of the Himalayas and green hill surroundings along with the Kathmandu valley.

    Hiking to Ranikot Gadhi surpasses your imagination. After a remarkable time, hike down to Ghyampe Danda and drive back to Kathmandu.

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