About Trip

If you are going for the Chitwan jungle safari tour, managing a day to visit the surroundings of the Tharu village will be a superb idea. The Tharu people claim themselves that they came from the forest and love the traditions that they followed for hundreds of years. They are deeply involved in agricultural productions as fruits, vegetables along with the hunting.

For the exclusive 1 day Tharu village tour, Nepal Kameleon arranges the trip. You have several options like cycling tour, cart tour, jeep tour or walking tour. We arrange a local guide, who bears the excellent knowledge in Tharu culture, traditions, hospitality and their social connections. Bachhauli village lies close to the Chitwan National Park. The wide and plain land of Terai to colorful farming welcomes you to the beautiful indigenous village. Tharu people have a dignified history. They fought with Malaria and did not run away from their land. They continuously worked in agriculture and never let the land being barren. Tharu people have their own endemic languages and it varies according to the areas they live. Their birth, marriage and after death culture are more unique than others. During your tour of the Tharu village in Chitwan, you can experience the real way of Tharu style living.  

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Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Visit the Tharu villages in Chitwan

Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01Visit the Tharu villages in ChitwanAfter breakfast at the hotel, take a jeep safari or cycling tour around the Tharu village and have a detailed interaction with the local people. You can taste the local food and know their lifestyle. After the tour ends, drive back to the hotel.
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