Newari Dishes/Cuisine (Culinary) in Nepal

The Newari communities are the variety lovers in terms of food items. Especially, to talk about the Kathmandu valley, Newari communities are best known for the varieties of the local food items. Newari people of the Kathmandu valley are those who have rich cultural practices, festivals, celebrations and Bhoj (feast) for and after the celebration, which began through the Guthi system.

Newari feast is organized in various social and cultural ceremonies like festivals, fairs, marriage and other functions. They sit on a long spread Sukul (made from straw) and they are offered various food items. According to the Newari people, various food items are related to their cultural practices. The Newari feast is known as Bhoye in local Newari term. Lets have a look about various typical food items.

Chiura (local Newari term-Baji)

Aaloo ko Achar (spicy potato pickle), cooked and mixed with raddish, carrot, chilli and lemon)

Buffalo Meat (meat serve as Dayakugu Laa in local term)

Geda Gudi (Mixed beans, known as Boo Bo in Newari term)

Cauliflower Curry  (vegetable cauli curry, mixed with spices as garlic, ginger, salt, cumin, turmeric, chili, oil)

Aaloo Tama (potato and bamboo shoots)

Goat Meat (Khasi ya Laa)

Chicken Meat (Kha ya Laa)

Bhuton (Puk Laa in local Newari term), buffalo meat with some spices and salt

Ayela (serve in Pala, a small clay bowl) alcohol made of rice or millet

Wauncha (made from spinach or mustard leaves)

Paun Kwa (hug plum sour juice)

Dhau (sweetened yoghurt)


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