Grass route amazing trip in Nepal

  • Marianne Chin
    Netherlands Published: Sunday, June 24, 2018

    Grass route amazing trip in Nepal


    I had about a week duration after I finished the Everest base camp trek successfully in Nepal. I did not have any pre-planned trip. I was just wondering to enjoy my time in a non touristy zone, so that I could get into the base of the country lifestyles. Bhanu, the chairperson of Nepal Kameleon Holidays, offered me a unique trip- Meet Local People Tour. I accepted it. He himself was my guide during my 3 nights/4 days tour around Salangghat. I visited both schools where Bhanu and his team were working since the last 8 years. II played with the students and gave some presents. I went to the local houses, slept above the buffalo shed, the mattress was very hard, but ok. I also hiked to the Siddha ridge.

    I found Meet Local People Tour the most effective approach to join non-touristy communities with the tourism communities because it is the best way to go into the insight of the people from the countryside and to experience the living standards of them.

    I strongly recommend Nepal Kameleon Holidays for the uniquely arranged trip in Nepal. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Bhanu is a wonderful storyteller. Do not forget to join for coffee with stories.