Zipline Superman Fly, Human Slingshot and Glass Sky Bridge in Kushma Parbat

A 1.4 km (1400 meters) long zipline is welcoming you to Kushma Parbat, in the western part of Nepal. It is regarded as the second-longest zip line in the world. Kushma has become the ultimate destination of adventure lovers around the globe with an adventure Bungy jump, zipline superman fly, human slingshot, and glass Sky Bridge.

The zipline starts from Chakle Ridge of Kushma Municipality -5 and crosses the Kali Gandaki River gorge. Kali Gandaki River has got even the deepest gorge in the world. It is being run by Harness Zip Line. The zipline lands at the resort of the company at the bank of the Kali Gandaki River.

A hydraulic swing can hold 4 people at once, a human slingshot, Glass Sky Bridge, and Swimming Pool will increase the charm of the thrill-seekers.

Harness Zipline in Kusma is the only of this type of adventure experience in Nepal.

How to reach Kushma?

Kushma is located 260 km west of Kathmandu and 60 km drive west from Pokhara. It takes tentatively 7.5 hours by driving from Kathmandu and about 2 hours driving from Pokhara. As it is located on the Pokhara Baglung Highway, public transportation is easily available to go there. However, if you want to travel by private transportation, you can contact us on +977 9851159455 (WhatsApp/Phone).


Zipline in Kathmandu (above Bhaktapur)

Ghyampe Danda Ranikot Zipline Superman Fly above Bhaktapur is the most iconic zipline near Kathmandu. It is about a 15 km drive southeast of Kathmandu with the activities like Classic Zipline, Superman Fly, Couple Zipline, sky cycling, Canopy Cycling, and Swing.

For Zipline Booking with transportation, you can contact on +977 9851159455 (Phone/WhatsApp) or Email: [email protected]


Guinness World Records has officially named the Monster Zipline in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, as the world’s longest zip line. It is about 2205 meters (2.2 km) and stretches 1,200 feet (365 meters) above the ground.



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