Zip Line Adventure in Chitwan: A Remarkable Milestone for Visit Nepal 2020

If you are adventure lovers and looking forward to enjoy different adventure activities then good news for you. You will get an opportunity to enjoy the Chitwan Zip Line Adventure in the Aaptari Jungle in the section of Muglin Narayanghat Highway. It is located at the Jaldevi Community forest. It has got a target to promote Visit Nepal Year 2020.

It began from the 18th of September 2019. All the basic foundation works have been completed. The park and dress changing rooms are available. It is believed that the adventure seekers can enjoy it and fulfill their adventure thirst. 


What is Zipline Adventure?

Find: Ranikot Ghyampe Danda Zipline Adventure

Zip Line Adventure is an outdoor sport that takes place on an iron rope. You will be harnessed and with the help of a pulley (ghirni), you will enjoy a bird's experience in the air for about a minute. The classic zipline is by sitting and the superman fly is like a superman pose.  If you want to explore more, you can enjoy Zipline in Ranikot Ghyampe Danda , both classic and superman fly. Looking further to book it? Please, feel free to contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays via:

WhatsApp/Phone: +977 9851159455



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