Zeep Line Superman Flying in Dhulikhel for the Adventure Lovers: Info and Cost

Good news for the adventure lovers. Like Paragliding and Bungy jumping, you can now enjoy zeep line adventure sport at Dhulikhel, which is about 35 kilometers from Kathmandu. This is a newly introduced adventure sports, which is highly suitable for the domestic and international tourists in terms of location and travel duration along with the wowwww adventure fun.

Alternatively, if you want more exciting zipline, Ghyampe Danda Ranikot Zipline is the best option for you. Available activities: Long Zipline, Short Zipline, Sky Cycling, Canopy Cycling, Swing. Please, click here for more details: Ghyampe Danda Ranikot Zipline


The superman zipline adventure begins at Thakle hill of Dhulikhel and that ends at Khawa of Panchkhal. Those who have already enjoyed this adventure sport have commented that they got a real adventure fun that let them the real feelings of the superman. Tying special rope on the waist, you put your full body on Harnesh and enjoy the flying like a bird over the forest, valley and communities, which is much more fantastic experience.


Superman Flying in Dhulikhel Zeepline (Photo: Setopati)


Located on the  Araniko Highway, Dhulikhel zeepline can be enjoyed as a day tour experience from Kathmandu and spend time on exploring, photo session and walking around. The location is the best that will make this adventure sport a popular one. The length of the zeepline at Dhulikhel is about 1100 meters.It flies from 60-95 kilometers per hour base. The superman flying is the best attraction of this adventure sport along with couple zeep line adventure.











   30 USD

   40 USD

   50 USD


   35 USD

   45 USD

   60 USD







Even if you are traveling with your family, including children, they can also enjoy the zeepline adventure at Dhulikhel.  

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