Yomari: Taste the Newari Eatery in Town in Yomari Punhi

Kathmandu valley is originally populated by the Newari people. They are very fond of celebrating festivals. It falls around the mid-December. Yomari Punhi is such a celebration, when Newari people prepare Yomari-combination of rice flour, molasses and sesame seeds, Yomari is a wholesome, delicious and nutritious dessert for snacks.


Yomari Punhi is one of the festivals of Newari people, which is celebrated to thank God Annapurna (Lord of Grains) for the wonderful harvesting in autumn. The trend was brought from Panauti, a town in the eastern part of Kathmandu from the historical time. Yomari literally means the sweet bread. It is cooked and distributed to all the villagers. Even the masked dance is performed in some parts of the town.


During this festival, A celebration is organized in Thamel to show the travelers from many countries about the ritual aspects of the people living in Nepal. It makes them enchanting to know different cultures and also taste the delicious Yomari variety in Kathmandu.  

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