Yoga and Meditation Day Hiking Around Kathmandu with Nepal Kameleon Holidays

Day Hiking around the Kathmandu valley with yoga and meditation is totally for your unique experience and try something new. In one day, you will have a fabulous time with hiking in the valley ridge and try the yoga and meditation sessions, along the hiking.

There are various one day hiking destinations around the Kathmandu valley, which is accessible in 1 day. The hiking will be organized by the company with hiking guides. They basically assist you to make your day hiking extraordinary. On your demand, we can also offer yoga trainers, but for your yoga and meditation hiking around Kathmandu valley will be finely assisted by the hiking guides. Please, know the yoga and meditation hiking destinations around Kathmandu.

Nagarjun Jamacho Yoga and Meditation Hike

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Meditation Hike (optional yoga)

Nagarkot Meditation Hike (optional yoga)

All the hiking destinations are close to the Kathmandu valley. Nagarkot hiking is a bit longer and have to return by drive. Even Nagarjung and Shivapuri hiking takes driving, but its too short drive.

Please, contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays at: or for the cheaper Yoga and Meditation Hiking around the Kathmandu valley. 

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