Why Storytelling Tour and Storytelling Trekking in Nepal?

Storytelling Tour and Storytelling Trekking in Nepal are the latest trend travel packages designed by Nepal Kameleon Holidays. It operates such packages with professional storytellers in Nepal, who have a huge knowledge about the oral and written stories, related to morality and adventurous tales. In this technological era, machines have taken human bond and communication. Human's cooperation and idea sharing have been limited to the social sites and the media, not face-to-face meeting and talking. To address this problem, we have designed some storytelling tour and storytelling trekking in Nepal, to let you feel the cultural and societal aspects of Nepal during your travel. The reasons behind why storytelling tour and storytelling trekking in Nepal have been mentioned below.

1. For Amusement

Stories are wonderful to listen. They are related to various topics of the societies that will be different than of your societies. Nepali mythical tales, heroic tales and adventure tales have their own stand that offers real amusement on your tours and trekking in Nepal with Nepal Kameleon Holidays. During the tours in Nepal, you will explore various cultural sites and go to the naturally rewarding destination. While viewing those interesting things or scenery, stories related to their myth and traditions further make the topic interesting as well as informative.

2. To Know the Cultural Part

Cultural part is directly related to the tours and trekking in Nepal. Wherever you go, the culture will be there. You will get fascinated with the cultural heritages in Nepal as it has got more than  ethnic and indigenous communities. For example: if you go to Everest base camp trekking, you can hear the stories about the Mani Rimdu festival and the story behind why they celebrate the Mani Rimdu festival in the Everest region.  

If you are visiting in the Kathmandu valley, you will get stories about the gods and devils, festivals and the unification stories of the mediaeval era. All the mythical tales are not found in the written texts, rather there are some oral tales, which is directly connected to the cultural pattern in the societies.  

3. Exchange the Hearsay

Hearsay tales are really wonderful to listen to. It energizes you to discover new things and know its hearsay regarding its background. Specially, heroic tales are its features. For example: if you hear the Junga Bahadur's tales during your adventure tours and trekking in Nepal, you will be highly motivated by its hearsay tales. There are so many hearsay plots about his heroic deeds that make you feel highly impressive. This is a two way process, you can also share the hearsay tales of your communities.

Tours and Trekking in Nepal with the storytellers will surely make your Nepal holidays spectacular and highly impressive. Just let Nepal Kameleon Holidays arrange your trips in Nepal and feel the different way of traveling. 

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