Village Tours in Nepal

Villages are better to know the countryside of Nepal. It is a part, where integrity among people and their cultural and social solidarity are superb. In Nepal, if you want to have a wonderful way of experience, go for the Nepal village tours. Here are the points why to go to the village tours in Nepal in brief.

1. Home Stay Hospitality

Home Stay Hospitality is a major aspect of the village tours in Nepal. Tour in Nepal always does not mean that you just go on exploring the cultural sites of the world heritage sites of Nepal. During your tours in the villages of Nepal, you will experience the remarkable home stay hospitality that you did not before. There is a saying "Atithi Devo Vaba", which is wonderfully followed in the villages or the remote regions of Nepal. They welcome you by their hearts, with smiles and offer the meals they prepare.   

2. Local culture

Cultural aspects of the villages or communities are brilliant. Sense of unity and solidarity are so strong in the villages. They perform in groups and have different cultural forms in the villages. Due to the diversity in social backgrounds, they have different customs, foods and local celebrations. For example, Sherpa culture in Khumbu region, Gurung, Magar and other ethnic culture in the middle hill region along with the Tharu and marginalized culture in the Terai region are incredible. The form of social interactions can vary. Nepalese cultural aspects are dynamic and enticing. It becomes more stunning in the villages. The culture and traditions of the Nepali village will certainly make your Nepal village tours exclusively brilliant.

3. Farm productions

Well. The attraction of the village tourism in Nepal can be farmed productions, belonging to the agriculture. They grow different types of fruits, vegetables and grain varieties. Travelling to the villages can bring wonderful time on eating hygienic foods and vegetables with the meals. Also the dairy products. It is incredible, living with the local family and be the villagers.

4. Exchange Ideas

Nepal Kameleon Holidays call this topic as a storyteller tour in Nepal. The difference between your culture and Nepali culture can be an interesting storytelling in Nepal. In fact, the social behaviors, traditions, festivals and lifestyles are unique in the villages of Nepal. So does the village culture and their beliefs can generate new insights and ideas.

5. Volunteer in the Villages of Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal depends on your area of interest and your subject. If you want to volunteer in Nepal, especially in the countryside, you have many options:  if you are from medical line, you can volunteer in health post, if you are a teacher, you can teach in school, if you are agriculture lover, you can volunteer in farms and fields. What is your interest?   

Nepal Kameleon Holidays specializes in arranging village tours along with volunteering in Nepal. If you want to have a unique tour in Nepal, village tours will certainly addresses your plan We arrange your tours in Nepal differently.   

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