Upper Mustang Lomanthang Jeep Tour For All Seasons

Kathmandu and Pokhara to Upper Mustang Lomanthang Jeep Tour is opened throughout the year. Mustang district is located beyond the Annapurna Himalayas. After the motorable bridge built in Chhusang (Baragung Muktichhetra Rural Municipality), the travelers can reach to Lomanthang, which is a hidden Kingdom in Upper Mustang.



According to the local officials, after the motor bridge has been inaugurated, the magnificent trip to Upper Mustang can be done throughout the year. The bridge over the Kali Gandaki River was destroyed by the flood and has been rebuilt completely. The ways on both sides have been constructed. Now…Upper Mustang Lomanthang for All Season.   



Upper Musthang Lomanthang region is a restricted area in Nepal. Foreign trekkers and travelers need to obtain restricted entry special permit and it costs 500 USD per person for 10 days and 50 USD per day after it.  



Upper Mustang Jeep Tour can be adjoined with the Muktinath Temple, which is a globally renowned pilgrimage destination at 3800 meters altitude.









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