Unique Hiking and Trekking in Nepal: No Tourists, Only Local People You Will Meet

Last Week, the last week of September 2018, we had organized a trek to the famous hill ridge in Nepal, which we named Camino Trail in Nepal. It is due to the pilgrimage destination on the top of the hill. The trail was adventurous but our guest did the trip well although he was touching 70 years. 'Buen Camino' we always said it before the trip and after the trip. It was just an incredible trip. Here are multiple snaps from the Meet Local People Tour on the Camino Trail in Nepal. For more query about the tour with storytelling guide WhatsApp: +977-9851159455 or email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]


Tours Trekking and Hiking in NepalBeautiful scenery



Hiking and Trekking in NepalWoman taking her cattle for grazing



Hiking and Trekking in NepalThe landscape of the countryside



Hiking and Trekking in NepalJust incredible scenery during the hiking in Nepal Camino Trail



Hiking and Trekking in NepalHills by hills and roads by roads (Meet Local People Tour Nepal)



Hiking and Trekking in NepalHiker resting while ascending the Siddha Lekh ridge on Meet Local People Tour



Hiking and Trekking in NepalDifficult Road always leads you to the beautiful destinations



Hiking and Trekking in NepalHello Spider, welcome to our trip.



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalScenery from the jaw dropping rocky boulder



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalWhere the green hill meets the clouds in the sky: an amazing experience during meet local people tour (We hiked there through the adventurous trail)



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalThe valley is calling you, but you are sure, you will not see them for a couple of days



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalInto the wild with Nepal Kameleon Holidays. Where is the trail in fact? Are you crazy? Of course not.



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalBeautiful fields and terraced green hillside



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalThe Siddha Baba Temple on the top of Siddha Ridge. It is about 5 hours to reach there from the downhill. But it's just 3 hours from the destination of Meet Local People Tour



Hiking Tours and Trekking in NepalThe spider is on the way to the clouds. Beautiful scenery while walking through the Nepal Camino Trail during Meet Local People Tour


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