Trekking in Nepal with a Storyteller Guide

Greetings from Nepal Kameleon Holidays. We suspect that you are still following the old tradition of trekking in Nepal. But, Nepal Kameleon Holidays introduce a unique trekking in Nepal with a storyteller guide. You may ask, how it is a unique trip? What difference can we find between the normal trekking and trekking with the storyteller? 


Trekking in Nepal with the storytellers is a informative trekking, regarding the geography of the country, food habits, dress, culture, festivals and several traditions that are hidden and you will not find to read in lines. Enjoy your next trekking vacation in Nepal with storyteller.


Sundarijal, a watershed area in Shivapuri National Park


Cascading waterfalls


An old Tamang woman on the way


Beautiful sunrise view from Mulkharka


View from the camping and picnic spot 


Traditional Watermill. 



Golden sunrise view from Nagarkot

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