Traditional Honey Hunting in Nepal

Some 500 meters cliff and a man is hanging with the help of rope ladder…some are waiting down, some are managing rope at the top and some are communicating between them by staying in the middle part on another cliff. This is a scenario of the honey hunting mission in Myagdi district of Western Nepal.

This is a story of the Gurja village, located somewhere a couple of days walking distance from the district center- Beni. This one month honey hunting mission is a high risky job to accomplish, but the final scenes is always dramatic, with the sweet honey…and imagine how it feels to lick the 101% organic wild honey?


Pic: Wired


Parange: the person who hangs on the rope ladder to hunt the honey bees

Parang: the rope ladder

There will be the honey hunting on more than 60 rocky cliffs in Gurja. Among them, Ghyaspur hill cliff is the most popular cliff for the honey hunting. The safety is very basic, thus is very risky. Amrit Chhantyal, the latest Parange claims that he used only the rope ladder, rope to tie on his waist and a simple mask on his face, that's it. There is no doubt that the bees will bite you. But, he gained this wild honey hunting skill from his forefathers, so he looks confident.



The 230 families in Gurja have been divided into four groups and they get chance for the honey hunting once in four years.

Although traditional honey hunting is a continuation of the generation's act, it has been developing as tourism attractions. Honey Hunting Festival-is being popular around the world and also the demand of the wild honey is increasing, which is difficult to supply.


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