Tours and Trekking in Autumn in Nepal: Two Big Festivals- Dashain and Tihar

The Himalayan country Nepal is among the giant festivals that are bringing a lot of joys and excitement. Teej, the biggest Hindu women festival has been already celebrated. So, it's turn for Dashain and Tihar (Deewali). Get to know about these festivals in Nepal.

Know the Major Festivals in Nepal


Dashain is the biggest and longest festival in Nepal. It is celebrated for 15 days, but about 5 days are important. The festival is regarded as the victory of virtues over vices, Gods over demons and truth over falsity. The special day will be the first day, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth that goes continually to the fifteenth day. Goddess Durga is worshipped with a great enthusiasm, which are the real representatives of power, bravery, cruelty over vices and many more. It is also celebrated to remember the special day when Lord Ram slaughtered Ravan (God and demon). Animal sacrifices are given on the 8th day. People put Tika and Jamara (red powder mixed with rice and the maize/paddy plant) with the blessings from their elders.

2018 Dashain Festival Date: October 10 - October 24



Festival Tours and Treks in Nepal




Tihar (Deewali)

Tihar is an amazing festival, which is the second greatest festival in Nepal. It is celebrated for 5 days. It is also known as the festival of light and color. People color their surroundings, hang colorful lights and enjoy the festival with the Tika ceremony from their sisters. Tihar is better known as the festival of brothers and sisters, to strengthen their bond. Crow, dog, ox and cows are worshipped for the 4 days. The 4th day is also very special to worship the goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. The 5th day is Bhaitika, when sisters put colorful tika on their forehead. The blessings are given for the long and healthy life. Delicious varieties are cooked.

2018 Tihar Festival Date: November 05 - November 09




Festival tours and trek in Nepal



Festival of brother and sister. Two sisters and a brother.


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