Tourist Arrival in Lumbini in 2019: Explore the Birth Place of Lord Budddha

Lumbini is a birthplace of Lord Buddha, who spreaded the message of peace and harmony in everyday life. This UNESCO listed world heritage site has become a cultural center for the Buddhist pilgrimage seekers around the globe and also for the travelers to explore the histoorical facts of the highly sacred land. Located in the low land region of Nepal, Lumbini offers a platform for the solace hunters and those who would like to conduct a research on Buddhism and its history.




Lumbini is a globally recognized tour destination in Nepal. This is a remarkable site for the Best of Nepal Tour. It takes about 7-8 hours road drive to reach Lumbini from Kathmandu and has got a fly option to Bhairahawa and drive to Lumbini.

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From January to November 2019, the tourist arrival has reached to 1356993 in number. From India, 176444 tourists have visited Lumbini, where as 151737 number of tourists from the third countries have explored it. The number of domestic tourists have reached 1043045, which is a slight growth.

Total country: 113

Growth: 24876 in number than last year.







Newly added country from where the tourists came and visited Lumbini: Zimbawe, Tajakistan, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Lebnon, Brunai, Albania, Baharain, Libya

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