Top 10 Government Events for Visit Nepal 2020: Ice Climbing in Manang to Sky Diving in Syangboche-Everest

If there is Nepal in your bucket list of travel, then Nepal is the best destination for 2020 as government of Nepal has announced Visit Nepal 2020. There are various things to do from the adventurous peak expedition, trekking, rafting, bungy jump, paragliding to the soft tours and sightseeing packages. Both- nature and culture, Nepal is an amalgamation for the wanderers. There are 10 events that the government of Nepal is organizing in 2020.

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1. Ice Climbing Festival in Manang

During the waterfall frozen time, this adventurous sport will be organized and it is a unique of this type of outdoor adventure sport in Nepal.

Date: 2020 February 01-10


2. Ice Hokey Match in Gokyo Lake

When the glacial Lake freezes completely, it becomes a play ground. This is an excellent time to enjoy ice hokey in the Gokyo Lake. The national team of Finland has confirmed to come for this event. They will begin the trek from Lukla, all the way to Gokyo Lake and enjoy the ice hokey. On the other side, ice skaters from the United States are coming for the ice skating.

Altitude: 4780 meters

Date: February 2020


3. Mustang Trail Race

Mustang region is the high altitude region beyond the Annapurna Himalayas. Thus, it is in arid form, similar to Tibetan Plateau. This event will be done in eight different parts. Beside this, you can also enjoy Jomsom Muktinath Jeep Tour from Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Date: April 04-16


4. Sustainable Summit 2020

Sustainable summit will be organized to discuss about the sustainable tourism development in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Climate Alliance of the Himalayan Communities is going to organize this summit, where Alpine Clubs, Land and National Parks' Managers, conservation leaders and tourism entrepreneurs are going to join the summit.

Date: June 01-05


5. World Trails Network Conference

Tourism associated people and the entrepreneurs from the countries that have trekking trails are going to attend this summit.

Date: 02-05 September 2020


6. Karnali Kayak Race

The Kayak race will be organized on the Karnali River, which is a globally renowned River for the rafting and kayaking. About 20-25 national and international kayaking teams will be participated in this event. The event kicks off from Rakam of Dailekh and ends at Bardiya.

Date: October 2020


7. Hot Air Baloon Festival

Date: October 2020


8. Mountain Biking in Kali Gandaki Corridor

Date: December 2020



9. Golden Trail Series Final

Date: 26 October 2020


10. Syangboche Sky Diving

Date: October 2020


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