The Yeti Scalp of Khumjung: Does the Mysterious Snowman (Yeti) Still Exist in Khumbu (Everest)?

The Yeti Skull (Scalp) is one of the best attractions of the Everest base camp (EBC) trekking. It is a tiny object that has been locked in a box, however, almost all the trekkers cannot simply avoid this attraction and they enjoy taking picture of it.This yeti skull has been put in the Khumjung Gompa.

It is believed that several years ago, this mysterious snowmen used to be seen roaming around the Himalayan peaks. Some of the locals who are in their 80s or 90s, claim that they have seen it, but nobody knows exactly, whether it exists or not. 

Around 1960s, Edmund Hillary an the journalist Desmond Doig found it in the house of a lady and they dealed to put it in the Khumjung monastery, so that they can show this good luck to the trekkers and earn money for the school and healthposts. 

Still, researchers are keeping up on ongoing projects to discover about this mysterious abominable snowmen.


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