Tare Bhir Day Hiking in Kathmandu


Hiking: 3 hours (both way)

Drive: 35 minutes one way

Starting Point: Jagdol

Ending Point: Jagdol

Type: Easy

Attractions: Woods, terraced hillside, camping location

Suitable for hiking, camping, mountain biking, weekend family tour

Trip organizer: Nepal Kameleon Holidays




Tare Bhir Hiking in Kathmandu takes you away from the dust and bustling noise of the urban lifestyles at least a day. It has become extremely popular not only for the hiking, but also for the camping and mountain biking tour. As the hiking destination is so close from Kathmandu, you can easily connect the trail on your desired date.

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You want to know how to reach there from your location? Well, you need to drive from your place to the hiking gateway, which is Jagdol at Gokarneshor. For example, if you are driving from Thamel, it's about 35 minutes driving via Chabahil, Chuchhepati and drive straightly to Jagdol. Driving can be a bit further, but the real fun begins from Jagdol.


Tare Bhir Hiking GatewayTare Bhir Hiking Gateway


Initially, the steps in the park welcome you, which is amazingly picturesque. Hike further to the road and continue walking about 25-30 minutes. The real excursion to Tare Bhir embarks from there. The magnificent route inside the woods, fluttering Buddhist prayer flags, fantastic trail and the landscape, the combination of these diversities offer you a delighting experience.


tare-bhir-hikingHello doggy. Are you hiking here?


Photosession, camping, mountain biking, laughing, chatting, walking and further activities are the usual sceneries. The hill ridge section is incredible. Once you think, it's the last point, then another hill comes.






Note: please, bring back all the stuffs you carry there and do not litter nature with plastics and bottles.


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