Tamu Lhosar (2075/2018) Celebrated in Kathmandu with a Great Excitement

Tamu Lhosar (Gurung New Year) has been celebrated with a great excitement in Nepal (15 Poush 2075). It is a new year of the Gurung ethnic community. They performed in different groups, parading on the street, mask dance, typical gurung dress and organizing food courts in the premises of Tundikhel, Kathmandu.



Know About Tamu Lhosar

Tamu Lhosar is a celebration of Gurung Community to welcome their new year. Tamu is another name to call Gurung people. This celebration usually falls in the last of December according to the Gurung calendar.  In Nepali calendar, it is celebrated in 15 Push.

Gurung people are one of the ethnic groups among more than a hundred ethnic groups in Nepal. The western part of Nepal is their place of origin. They are classified as the brave people, so Gurung people are keen to join army job. There are some extremely renowned Gurung villages in Western Nepal as Ghandruk, Ghale Gaon, Bhujung, Dhampus and many more.







amu Lhosar is a significant celebration in the Gurung communities. On this day, Gurung people wear their typical cultural dresses, gathering of the family members, eating, drinking and merry making. It is a day to exchange their love for each other. They greet and organize different programs in different places. In Kathmandu, they organize Lhosar Mahotsab in Tundikhel, where they keep food stalls, Gurung dresses, handmade objects and the parade show their cultural delights.  Nepal Government announces public holiday on the Lhosar day.

12 Lhos













12 Lhos goes on rotating.




What is the typical dress of Gurung People?

Men- Bhangra and Kachhad

Women- Ghalek, big ear rings, necklaces














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