Solo Travelers/ Trekkers in Nepal: Are they safe?

Travelling and trekking, whatever we call, are the passion and hobby of the people. They all love to travel or trek in the way they like. Some love to travel or trek in the group and some love solo. Nepal is such a destination where solo travelers or trekkers can fully enjoy the trips they love, go to their preferred destinations and taste the food they like. Respecting local values and culture, they can roam around and it is safe confidential.

Even though it is not a matter of concern now a days, but when we call solo travelers, we think about female travelers. And many families become confusing if their daughters/daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law are safe while traveling alone. In Nepal, it is exceptional. They can be confident. But, the natural disasters and unavoidable circumstances are different things.

The history of solo traveling in Nepal goes a long span back. But, the society was not fully democratic to women. However, the solo foreign female travelers enjoyed their holidays. 22 years ago, when Maoist devotees begun a civil war, the situation was little unfavorable both for male and female solo travelers. After 10 years, it ended and now everything is ok.

As a solo traveler, what type of trips can I do in Nepal?

All the travel activities what people do in a group, can be done by the solo travelers equally. Mountaineering, trekking, tours, rafting, jungle safari, bungy, paragliding and other travel activities can be enjoyed by the solo travelers. In some activities, solo traveling can cost a bit higher than in the group, but others are same.

Solo traveling through the travel and trekking agencies in Nepal

Again the topic goes to the solo female travelers. Nepali travel or trekking operators who are legally authorized are very responsible for the safety and security of the travelers. They are equally aware for the female travelers. Professional guides and assisting teams will be provided according to the technicality of the trip and assure their safety matters. 

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