Short and Best Hiking Around Kathmandu Valley Ridges: Hike Hike and Just Hike

The question is how passionate you are to walk around the nature? The rest answers are with Nepal Kameleon Holidays. It is an agency in Nepal that operates Every day hiking around Kathmandu hill ridges. We are so proud with the trips that we have organized are highly recommended and praised by our guests. Don't you look forward why we are so special in day hiking in Nepal?


The 1st reason is multiple day hiking destinations around the Kathmandu valley. Nagarjun Jamacho Day Hike, Shivapuri Day Hike, Chandragiri Day Hike, Nagarkot Day Hike, Mudkhu View Tower Day Hike, Namobuddha Balthali Day Hike, Godawori Phulchoki Day Hike, Sundarijal, Mulkharka Day Hike and Others. On your choice, we operate these trips as they are different in features, cost and distances. Even the difficulty level is different. We are ready to answer your queries 24/7 regarding the day tours and day hiking packages around Kathmandu or in Nepal. Whatsapp:  +977 9851159455


chandragiri-day-hike 2019-2020-2021



chandragiri hiking guide cost and itinerary






The 2nd reason is the best family hiking and tour operator in the town. How? The MD of Nepal Kameleon Holidays expertise upon storytelling. He has got masters degree in literature and has good skill in storytelling. If you are hiking with your kids/children, they will of course love to walk with a storytelling guides and enjoy walking through the lush woods, where the chirping melody of the birds welcome you. Being parents, who do not want their children hearing several stories, playing games and walk into the nature? That's why Nepal Kameleon Holidays stand for. For the family groups, the company also organizes a short and sweet picninc session.






The 3rd reason you should hike with Nepal Kameleon Holidays is that it has been promoting social charity for the last 10 years. Its clear, if you hike with Kameleon in Nepal, you can be proud that you are contributing for the education of children in Nepal. The company has been supporting more than 4 schools in the mountain every year, which has given a wonderful access for the children in education. Scholarship for students, sport materials, stationery materials, school building, water and sanitation along with teachers' training have made this company a socially motivated and a responsible hiking, trekking and tour operator in Nepal. See more: Hands of Friends Nepal

Coffee with Stories is the mission of Nepal Kameleon Holidays to contribute to the education in Nepal.







The 4th reason is about the trip cost of the hiking in Nepal or day hike around Kathmandu valley. We have both options regarding the trip cost. If you prefer to use the private transportation for the trip or get the budget/cheaper cost by using the public transportation to the hiking gateway and back to your hotel.  But, if you are hiking with a family group, we recommend you to take private transportation.


nagarkot day hiking




The 5th reason to select Nepal Kameleon Holidays for your day hiking around Kathmandu is safety and security. We do not compromise in these topics whatever the trips we are operating. Our guides are well insured and trained. They will always apply and regulate the safety and security measures even for a single day trip. We are fully aware of the safety of our guests.



The 6th reason to hike with Kameleon's storytelling guide is avoiding motor roads. Now a day, one of the major challenges in hiking/trekking in Nepal is the motor road extension. We are aware of it and avoid motor roads as far as possible. This trick has been highly admired by our guests who have already experienced our day hiking trips around Kathmandu and trekking in Nepal. If you want to hike in Nepal/Kathmanu avoiding motor road, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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