Rara Lake (Jeep) Tour Booking Info

Rara Lake (Jeep) Tour Package is an excellent tour package in Nepal in the recent context. The flow of the domestic tourists has made the tour extremely popular. Beside the domestic tourism, it can be also extremely magnificent trip for the foreigners, however, the tour package marketing and the long distance have made it slow. Anyway, let's have a look about the Rara Lake Tour and the facts about the Queen of the Lakes.



Dynamic aspect of the Rara Lake

-It will be covered in the snow in Winter

- It will be picturesque with the blooming flowers in Spring

The Rara Lake is located at 2990 meters altitude above the sea level in the Mugu district of far western Nepal. It was declared as a Ramsar Site in 2008, the lake is spread in 10.8 sq km. The length of the Lake is about 5 km, width of 3 km and with 167 meters depth. 



Flora and Fauna in Rara National Park

Mamals- 51 species

Birds- 272 species


When to Go? How to Go? Access to the Rara Lake

The Rara Lake Tour can be done throughout the year, however, spring and autumn are the best recommended seasons in Nepal. The autumn (winter) time is amazing to explore the snowy surroundings and amazing Lake with snowy landscape. Spring time is best to explore the Rara Lake and its surroundings with the bloomed flower species. Murma Top is the best place to explore the Lake in 360 Degree.


The total drive duration will be 7 days from Kathmandu to Rara Lake and back to Kathmandu by jeep or bus. You can drive up to Mili Chaur (meadow) and walk for half an hour, the beautiful queen of Lakes-Rara lies there and welcomes you heartily.  If you can not walk, horse riding is available there.



You think 7 days driving is too long and looking for a short option? You can also take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and connecting flight to Talcha Airport of Mugu. It takes about a couple of hours to hike there.


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