Ranikot Hiking with Adventurous Zipline-Sky Cycling-Canopy Cycling-Swing on Ghyampe Danda

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Would you love to offer some activities to your loved ones? Then Ranikot and Ghyampe Danda are impressive destinations for you.  Enjoy day hiking, bird watching, zipline, sky cycling, canopy, swing, and photography.

Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot are both emerging tourist destinations, located above Bhaktapur. They have become alluring spots for the adventure seekers, picnic lovers, nature and photography lovers along with hikers and they mean all-inclusive package in one- let's say in a single day, all mingle activities.


Ranikot hiking and Ghyampe Danda Zipline and sky cycling activities offer you a splendid time to breathe the fresh air which escapes from the bustling urban lifestyles at least for a single day.

Ranikot is located around 2500 meters altitude; whereas Ghyampe Danda is situated around 2000 meters altitude. You have various options to reach both of the destinations. Hiking from Suryabinayak is the best option. Paying homage at the temple, embark through the road, which is already isolated and welcoming by nature. The switchback and narrow road stretch through the jungle, where you have some short-cut options to skip the journey through the road. The hiking first takes you to Pilot Baba Aashram, which is a religious destination and a renowned picnic spot.




sky-cycling zipline BhaktapurSky Cycling @Zipline point above Bhaktapur


Various adventurous activities can be enjoyed at Ghyampe Danda, and they include:

Long Zipline (1.2 km)

Short Zipline (450 mtrs)

Sky Cycling (350 mtrs)

Canopy Cycling (350 mtrs)




Couple zipline Ghyampe Danda (yoyo)


Walking about half an hour uphill, the historical town of Ranikot welcomes you. Recently, many hotels and resorts have been opened at Ranikot. But to reach the zenith, you need to walk about 20 minutes more and the brilliant viewpoint welcomes you at the top of the hill, hiking through the pristine woods. The gigantic Himalayas on the north, including Langtang Lirung, Dorje Lhakpa, Ganesh Himal and the surrounding range allure you extremely. The chirping melody of birds does not allow you to move and you feel really nurtured in nature.

Hiking routes and options:



Suryabinayak-Ranikot-Lakuri Bhanjyang


How to book? What about transportation to Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot from Kathmandu?

Easy to book. Just contact Nepal Kameleon Holidays on WhatsApp/Phone/Viber: +977 9851159455 and you can book Ranikot hiking and zipline along with sky cycling and canopy at Ghyampe Danda.

You can take your car/bike directly to Ghyampe Danda and Ranikot as they are accessible by road, but it might be pretty adventurous. Alternatively, you can book transportation (car/jeep/Hiace) with Nepal Kameleon Holidays.

Enjoy your day hiking and zipline activities.

Please, do not forget to confirm your booking by calling us before you go. Sometimes it will be fully booked.

If you need transportation, we can provide car/jeep/hiace/bus- Pick up-Drop and Vice Versa

Photo/Video: extra rs. 500.

  • Types


    Weight limitation

    Normal Zipline

    1.2km. & 450m.

    rs. 3000 (long) rs.1500 (short)

    Below 80 kg

    Superman Fly

    1.2km. & 450m.

    rs.3500 (long)

    Below 65 kg

    Couple Zipline

    1.2km. & 450m.

    rs.4000 (long)

    Below 125 kg

    Sky Cycling

    350 meters

    rs.1500 (one way) rs.2000 (both way)

    Below 80 kg

    Canopy Cycling

    350 meters

    rs.1800 (one way) rs.2500 (both way)

    Below 85 kg

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