Ranikot Hike in the Kathmandu Valley

Ranikot Day Hiking takes you away from the hectic and chaotic urban scenery to somewhere at the core blessing of nature. Deliberately or not, you can't stop praising the excellent Ranikot hiking trail with the diversity of nature and the surrounding attractions. The hiking destination is located in the southern part of the Kathmandu valley, above Syryabinayak, Bhaktapur.




The hike commences from the renowned religious temple- Suryabinayak. Depending on your interest, the hiking kicks off from the cool roadside, leaving the crowd. The further you walk, the isolation kisses you and you don’t prefer to wait, except for the photographs.

One of the mysteries of the Ranikot Day Hike is you start to think that you already left the modern scene and you are perfectly in nature. But, eventually, there comes a beautiful hillside settlement of the Ghyampe Danda Pilot Baba Aashram. This is a unique location for those who look for an exciting day out with family members.




Ghyampe Danda offers not only breathtaking natural scenery, but it also offers an adventure delight of a zipline experience. This is the best zipline spot in the Kathmandu valley. Short zipline, longer zipline, and sky rope cycling are the variations under the adventure category.

Hiking from Ghyampe Danda to Ranikot is a classic excursion that offers rustic scenery, valley view, and woods. Ranikot is about 20 minutes away. The brilliant trail takes you through the more isolated and perfect sound of nature. Hiking to Bag Bhairav is another 15 minutes walk through the steps all the way to the top of the hill. This is an excellent sunrise viewpoint in Ranikot. The alternative way of a day tour in Ranikot can be done reversely. The first drive to Ranikot, enjoy the sunrise view over the Himalayas, and hike back downhill.





So, impressed? How can you avoid such spectacular hiking around the Kathmandu hill ridge? Ranikot hiking becomes on the top of the list among the best hiking around the valley ridges.

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