Public Holidays 2075 (2018-2019) in Nepal

April 14: Happy Nepali New Year-2075

April 30: Ubhauli Parva/Buddha Jayanti

May 01: International Labor Day

May 29: Republic Day Nepal

June 04: Untouchable Elimination Day

August 27: Gai Jatra/ Cow Carnival (Kathmandu)

September 03: Gaura Festival (Only the focused communities)

September 07: Nijamati Day (leave for government workers)

September 12: Happy Teej (Only ladies)

September 19: Constitution Day

September 24: Indra Jatra (only in Kathmandu)

October 02: Jitiya Parva (only the Jitiya communities)

October 16-20: Dashain Festival

November 07-09: Tihar Festival

November 11: Fagunanda Jayanti (only for the respective community)

November 13: Chhath Parva (only in Terai)

November 23: Nanak Jayanti (only respective community)

December 03: Disability Day (only for differently able people)

December 22: Udhauli Parva

December 25: Only for Christians

December 30: Tamu Lhosar (only for Gurung community)

January 11- 2019: National Unity Day

January 15: Maghe Sakranti

January 30: Myrters Day

February 05: Sonam Lhosar

February 10: Basanti Panchami (only for educational institutions)

February 19: Democracy Day

March 04: Mahashivaratri Festival

March 07: Gyalbo Lhosar (Only for Sherpa Community)

March 08: Women Day

March 20: Holi Festival (except Terai region)

March 21: (only in Terai region)

April 05: Ghode Jatra (only in Kathmandu)



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