Pokhara Bungee, Zipline and Paragliding Cost for Nepali, SAARC citizens and Foreigners

Welcome to Pokhara, the town where nature flourishes, welcomes adventure seekers and offers abundant of adventure activities. It does not matter if you are in Pokhara for a single day or you have more days, you can enjoy full adventure with a combo package of zipline superman fly, bungee and paragliding.

Booking is simple, just write us on WhatsApp: +977 9851159455 or Email us at: [email protected] and we send you the booking details and you pay at our office- Lakeside Pokhara or in Kathmandu.

Please, find the price (cost) details for all types of activities.

Activity pricing for Nepali Nationals

Single Activity Pricing Actual Price (NPR)

ZipFlyer                                   4500

Superman Fly                          6500

Bungee                                   4500

Tandem (Couple) Bungee          8500

Paragliding                              6000 nrs (Includes:Transportation, pictures and video , insurance.All passenger are required to wear shoes)

Combo Packages

Zipline + Bungee: 8500
Zipline + Swing: 6000
Superman Zipline + Bungee: 10500
Superman Zipline + Swing: 8000
Bungee + Swing: 6000
Zipline + Paragliding: 10000
Superman Zipline + Paragliding: 12000
Bungee + Paragliding: 10000


Zipline + Bungee + Swing: 10000

Superman Zipline + Bungee + Swing: 12000

Zipline +Bungee +Paragliding: 14000

Superman Zipline +Bungee +Paragliding: 16000

Zipline +Bungee +Swing +Paragliding: 15500

Zipline +Swing +Paragliding: 11500

Superman Zipline +Swing +Paragliding: 13500

Superman Zipline +Bungee +Swing +Paragliding: 17500


Special Couple Packages

Couple Bungee + Couple Swing: 11500

Couple Zipline + Couple Swing: 11700

Couple Zipline + Couple Bungee: 16800

Couple Zipline + Couple Bungee + Couple Swing: 20000


Activity pricing for all foreign nationals (including SAARC nationals)

Single Activity Pricing Price (NPR)

Zipline: 7500
Superman Zipline: 9500
Bungee: 4500
Couple Bungee: 8500
Paragliding: 6600


Combo packages

Zipline + Bungee: 11500
Zipline + Swing: 9000
Superman Zipline + Bungee: 13500
Superman Zipline + Swing: 11000
Bungee + Swing: 6000
Zipline + Paragliding: 13000
Superman Zipline +Paragliding: 15000
Bungee + Paragliding: 10000


Zipline + Bungee + Swing: 13000
Superman Zipline + Bungee + Swing: 15000
Zipline +Bungee +Paragliding: 17000
Superman Zipline +Bungee +Paragliding: 19000
Zipline +Swing +Paragliding: 14500
Superman Zipline +Swing +Paragliding: 16500
Zipline +Bungee +Swing +Paragliding: 18500
Superman Zipline +Bungee +Swing +Paragliding: 20500

Special Couple Package

Couple Bungee + Couple Swing: 11500
Couple Zipline + Couple Swing: 17500
Couple Zipline + Couple Bungee: 22800
Couple Zipline + Couple Bungee + Couple Swing: 25800


What’s included

● All clients are provided with accidental insurance up to NPR 500,000 is also included in both the activities (ZipFlyer and Bungee). Accidental insurance for other activities are provided by the respective activity providers.

● Pick-up and Drop-off to from our office at Lakeside, Pokhara or hotel (Depending upon the activity)

● Pictures, videos and merchandise (except paragliding) will be available to purchase at the souvenir shop and are not included in the above.

● The Price is inclusive of all taxes


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