Paragliding From Ranikot Village Bhaktapur

A test Paragliding flight has taken off from Ranikot village, Suryabinayak Municipality, Bhaktapur. This has been taken as a new milestone in adventure sport in Nepal as various new destinations have been spotted to quench the adventure thirst. Paragliding is one of them to fly in the sky.

Know About Ranikot Village in Bhaktapur

Ranikot is a picturesque village, located in Bhaktapur, Suryabinayak municipality. Also known as a beautiful princess hill, Ranikot has become a wonderful place to stay and enjoy the typical countryside lifestyle. Tourists often find themselves as a part of the local community and also involve in the local activities as milking buffalo, collecting fire woods, work in the fields, collecting fruits and vegetables along with cooking the typical lunch and dinner.

The natural prosperity of the Ranikot village has made it a remarkable tourist destination. Ranikot Pass is an incredible Himalayan view point. The sunrise and sunset view that can be explored from Ranikot surpasses your imagination. What can be more incredible than an exclusive amalgamation of  the breathtaking nature and impressive local culture and lifestyles.

Ranikot is a great destination for the hiking and an overnight stay. If you are timely bounded, you can also enjoy a day hiking trip, however, 1 night 2 days Ranikot hiking is the recommended one. Why not spending a day with a fruitful memory?

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