Off-season Holiday: Off-season Tours and Trekking in Nepal

There are six trafficked travel months in Nepal. March-May and September to November. Another six months are regarded as the off-seasons. Basically off seasons for travel in Nepal include June to August and December to February. The first off-season is due to the monsoon. It is the main rainy season in Nepal. The second off-season is due to the winter. Basically, the alpine regions become almost frozen during that time.

View of Kathmandu Valley from Jamacho Monastery: a hill station near Kathmandu

So, you may ask, are off-seasons really unworthy to travel in Nepal?  How can I enjoy my off-season travel, tours and trekking in Nepal fruitful? What are the off-season tour and trekking destinations?

Thank you for your queries about off-season tours and trekking in Nepal. If you look for the off-season traveling in Nepal, it is really great and cheaper to travel. You need to sort out your overview of traveling in Nepal in off-season.

  • The area of your travel/tour/trekking in off-season
  • The purpose of your travel/tour/trekking in off-season
  • The duration of your travel/tour/trekking in off-season
  • The services you prefer to get in off-season
  • The accommodations you look for in off-season

The first aspect is which area/part of Nepal are you planning to visit in off-season? You know, it depends on weather and altitude. For example: if you are planning to trek to Upper Mustang Lomanthang, monsoon is the perfect season. It applies same to the Dolpo region as they lie in the Himalayan rain shadow areas. If you are planning for the off-season trekking in Nepal, Nepal Kameleon Holidays recommend some short and lower altitude trekking. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek in Annapurna, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest View Trek, Hemalbu Trek and many more packages. You can do these trips, even in the midwinter. If you are going to Nepal for the off-season tours, then you can go except monsoon.

Ghyami, Upper Mustang

The purpose of your traveling/tour/trekking differs on the trips you can select in off-season. If you are in Nepal for the cultural exploration in Kathmandu or some easy access point in Nepal, there will not be any problem. But if you want to explore the Tibetan Buddhist culture in Upper Mustang, monsoon is the best season. If you want to go for the ethnic research tour, you can go at any season.

Poon Hill (3210 meters)

The duration of your travel/tour/trekking I mean here is basically referring to the research type of travelling. Because research tours/trekking are relatively long. For this, winter is better than monsoon. However, if you are going to the high altitude region, it may not be suitable, because people may go to the lower altitude during the winter from the Himalayas.

The services for the off-season tours/trekking does not get any change. But, it depends on the weather condition. For example: if you are going to Chitwan jungle safari in monsoon, you may not get all the services of the list. But for the same program, if you go in winter, you will get full services. But, naturally occurring events cannot be avoided. Despite this, you have good news- you can enjoy tours and trekking in Nepal in the off-season in cheaper price. Nepal Kameleon Holidays offer off-season discount offer in all types of travel packages.

Elephant bathing in Chitwan National Park

The off-season accommodations in Nepal do not change their plan, rather, offer off-season discounts on rooms. Even the star hotels offer accommodating price. You can get star hotel accommodations in reasonable price, which will not be possible in the main seasons.

Love the off-season trekking and tour in Nepal? Grab the budget friendly off-season trips in Nepal offered by Nepal Kameleon Holidays. Please, feel free to leave us your inquiry for the detailed information. 

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