New Trend of Nepal Travel 2018/2019: Stay with Locals, Cook and Travel

We have found that every traveler who come to Nepal, is looking for a new trend of traveling. Beside catching the major cities and major tourist attractions, they want to go somewhere in the countryside that offers them a new traveling experience, fun and excitement and a way to contribute to the communities for the change.

Nepal Kameleon Holidays has been offering differently organized tours and trekking in Nepal, since the establishment of the company and travelers have adored the trips. As a trendy trip for 2021-2022 in Nepal, we organize Meet local People Tour. We have several reasons for why to do this trip in Nepal, basically upon 3 points.


  • Stay with Locals
  • Cook the typical Nepali food and taste it
  • Travel in the local community and try to contribute the possible


Stay with locals offers an opportunity to know how people in the countryside live. Their house structure, sleeping habits (time), their daily work and so on. You are no more tourist literally, but a local to experience their lifestyles. You will get a basic place to sleep, not luxurious for sure. You may smell cow dung from your room. You will be off from the tourist crowd, where locals communicate with you also by gestures by those who  only know their language.




Another interesting idea of new trendy travel in Nepal is culinary arts. You know how to cook food of your country or some famous dishes. Do you want to cook typical Nepali dishes and taste it. Don't worry, it's an amazing experience. Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour is a famous saying in Nepali communities. You will cook Rice, lentil, curry and prepare pickle. Please, do not miss this 2018 travel trend in Nepal.


Another effective part of Meet Local People Tour in Nepal is the travel around ethnic communities and try to contribute to making change. On the one hand, you will see the unique lifestyles of the local people in different communities and on the other hand, you can help them for supporting them in various topics. It can be for community programs, buildings, toilets, water and sanitation and agricultural topics. While visiting local schools, you may sponsor students if possible or buy some stationery materials.





Meet Local People Tour offers job for the local guides, offers you a unique experience of staying with local people in their house, cook authentic foods and an opportunity to contribute your possible support.

Interested in the new trend of traveling in Nepal? Nepal Kameleon Holidays offer a base for you with excellent arrangement. Please, feel free to contact us at: or Whatsapp: +977-9851159455.  

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