Nepal Ferien: 5 Things for the Repeat Travelers

We are glad with you people, who loved Nepal for the frequent traveler and trekking. Some of you may have done almost the popular treks in Nepal and traveled to the renowned tourist destinations. From natural hot spots to the culturally enticing destinations, from temples to the stupas. Still, you love to go to Nepal for your next Ferien/Vakantie, but what to do to enjoy by avoiding the cliché destinations. Nepal Kameleon Holidays feel wonderful to recommend some of the things/trips to do for the repeat travelers in Nepal.

1. Volunteer in Schools

Volunteer does not always mean for the youths or those who have just finished high schools and have some leisure. It is also for those who want to enjoy their holidays in Nepal with a different experience. Volunteering in schools by teaching them from a different way, or teaching them indoor and outdoor sports or by means of other support. You can do it from one week to your interesting schedule.  Why not using your educational experience or, let's say, using different techniques in Nepali classrooms. You do not know, where to find that base that? No worry, we are here to manage that.



But, there is a condition for this. You should avoid your smoking or alcoholic habits for the certain time. You need to note that you will be an ideal person for the students and avoid your few habits that are not good for students.

2. Experience Meet Local People Tour

Meet Local People Tour in Nepal is a latest trend of traveling. In fact, it is also a storytelling tour. You will get enough rooms to explore the local non touristic communities and experience the different world and the lifestyle of people. You are not a luxury seeking people during this tour. The accommodation will be basic. But, the important thing is that, you visit different communities and get into their day to day lifestyles.

3. Enjoy the gastronomy: cook typical Nepali foods

Ohooo. Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour: No Toilet, No Shower. This is a famous line for the tourists in Nepal. As a repeat traveler, you already know about this. Then, why do not you experience cooking some of the typical Nepali receipes that make your Nepal Holiday outstanding. You have two options for this: either you stay in the city and learn this by the professional chiefs, or go to the countryside and experience the traditional way of cooking dal Bhat, lentil, pickles and other lunch items.




4. Bring your skills  to the non-touristic communities

You may be a doctor by profession, engineer, psychologist, agricultural expert or any other sectors. When you travel to the non-touristc destinations as a repeat travelers, you will find it highly effective way to contribute in the societies by giving them your skills and contribute. You may coordinate for the health camps, visit farmer's fields and teach them how to grow organic foods and vegetables and so many other things that can contribute the local people. If you know the knittings, you may ask local women and teach them how to do that. Please, note that touristic destinations are often visited by many people and they apply their skills in many cases, so better to select the non-touristic destinations. We will coordinate with you for your different tours in Nepal.

5. Research Trips

Nepal is a wonderful base for your research tour. It is a quality type of tour that can give you a different impression to conduct your research in Nepal. There are more that 125 ethnic communities in Nepal and 123 languages. It shows how diverse is Nepal in terms of culture, religion, language and dresses. If you love to research about flora and fauna, Nepal has got three main geographical features: the Himalayas, middle hill and the lowland part. You have abundant research topics on nature, culture, wildlives and others.


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